10 Non Toxic Kitchen Swaps

Are you interested in switching to non toxic products to support your health and appearance? I have the perfect guide to make the transition easier for you.

Why switch to healthier products?

The products we use every day in our kitchen can have a significant influence on our health and appearance. An accumulation of toxins can accelerate the biological aging process and contribute to our toxic load.

What is Toxic Load?

Toxic load refers to the accumulation of toxins in the body.

A simple way to understand toxic load is to imagine a glass of water. The glass represents the body, and the water is the toxins from our everyday products. Over time with repeated exposure to toxins the glass can overflow, resulting in adverse health conditions and accelerated aging.

Learning how to reduce your daily exposure to toxins is an essential component of living a healthy lifestyle. Swapping out the products in your kitchen for healthier ones is a great way to reduce your toxic load for better health and glowing beauty


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#1- Non Toxic Cookware

What we cook our food in is just as important as what we eat. Many conventional cookware brands on the market can be a source of daily toxin exposure. Cookware made from Teflon, nonstick, aluminum, ceramic coated cookware, plastic cutting boards, and plastic utensils can add to the body's toxic load.

Many of us cook multiple times every day, making it especially important to find healthier options. Also, did you know that toxins such as the ones found in mainstream cookware can accelerate the aging process? Learning how to reduce our exposure to toxins is one of the best ways to look and feel our best.

Healthier Option

Pure Ceramic Cookware

Pure ceramic is a great non toxic cookware option that does not contain harmful chemicals such as those found in nonstick and is great for a wide variety of cooking options.

Look for cookware made from 100% pure ceramic.

Pro Tip

Avoid brands that use a ceramic coating because, over time, it can chip off and end up in your food. Plus many of them are made with a base of aluminum which can also be unhealthy.

You can find my favorite 100% pure ceramic non toxic cookware that I use for all my cooking HERE

This brand does rigorous testing to ensure all its products are non toxic. They are very transparent and publish all their testing on their website. They have been around for 15 years and paved the way for non toxic cooking. I highly recommend them.

I have their pans, pots, wok, and tea kettle.

They are what I use at home for all my healthy recipes. I've been using this non toxic cookware brand for almost 9 years. They are high quality and worth the investment.

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Other Non Toxic Cookware Options

Cast Iron

Cast iron is a non toxic cookware option that can endure high cooking temperatures. Sometimes cast iron can be an unhealthy option because of its ability to leech iron into foods. Iron is healthy but not in excess.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can be a great non toxic cookware option if you choose a high-quality product. Low-quality stainless steel cookware can leech nickel into your food.

Glass Cookware

A non toxic option that is nonreactive and not coated with harmful chemicals. Pyrex is a great option.

#2- Non Toxic Kitchen Utensils

The utensils we use to cook our food in are just as important as the cookware we use. Kitchen utensils such as plastic spatulas, spoons, tongs, and ladles can leech microplastics into food while cooking.

Microplastics are known for being endocrine disruptors that can harm the body over time. As you may know, healthy hormones are essential for looking and feeling our best. Minimizing your exposure to plastics in the kitchen is a great way to support your hormones and reduce your toxic load.

Healthier Option

Wooden and stainless cooking utensils are a great non toxic cooking option. They are durable and will not leech microplastics into your food.

There is a wide variety of options online. Look for brands that do not have a coating. Some manufacturers coat the wood to make it appear shiny but the ingredients are generally very unhealthy. Pure wood without coatings is a great non toxic option.

#3- Non Toxic Cutting Board

A plastic cutting board can be an easy way for harmful plastics to get into your food while chopping. Every time a plastic cutting board is used the small shavings of plastic can end up in your daily meal. Besides not being tasty it's not healthy to consume plastic because it contributes to poor health.

Healthier Option

Wooden Cutting Boards are a great option. Look for a pure non-coated wood cutting board.

#4- Non Toxic Food Storage