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How to Make A Herbal Facial Steam for Glowing Skin

Have you ever tried an herbal detox face steam? Let me tell you, they are one of my favorite ways to detox the skin and increase and encourage glowing skin. The steam is made using beautifying herbs that help your skin release any built-up toxins and reveal beautiful fresh skin. Facial Detox Steam Recipe. 1.) Boil water, once it reaches a boil, turn off and add herbs of choice. 2.) Choose herbs that fit your skin type. I have sensitive skin so I use soothing herbs such as lavender, Rose, chamomile, calendula, & comfrey. Drape a towel over head and steam face for 10 min- 30 minutes Apply a face mask of choice. A clay mask is a great option. Follow up with a toner to balance the skin & bring it back to its natural pH. I like to use Rose water or lavender hydrosol

While your skin is still damp apply your skincare of choice.

Enjoy your fresh radiant skin!

Xo Jessica Rose

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