Holistic Hair Care Tips

Are you looking for healthy long hair?

You're going to love my holistic hair care tips designed to help you to grow your hair and minimize breakage.

Tips: Water is essential for healthy hair growth. Our bodies are made up of 70% water and even mild dehydration can take away energy from the hair roots and cause hair loss. Drink up!

If you are losing hair or have thinning hair check in with your doctor for a physical. Many times hair loss is associated with a thyroid condition, hormonal issues, and gut issues. Getting to the root cause is well worth it.

Look for a Functional Doctor who can get to the root cause of any health issues since regular doctors do not run thorough enough tests. For example: A regular doctor does not test for the full thyroid panel, whereas a functional doctor does. Regularly trim your split ends with a pair of shears at home. Put on your favorite movie let your hair down and trim the split ends you find in your hair. If the split ends are not trimmed they will travel up the hair shaft and cause the hair to break= shorter hair. Wear protective hairstyles especially when sleeping. When we sleep our hair gets tangled which leads to breakage. Wearing your hair in a braid is a great option. My favorite is to use a chopstick in my hair so it doesn't get crimped from a hair tie or braid. Wash hair on warm water as hot water can singe your hair, damage hair follicles, and pull moisture from hair. Wash with warm water and then rinse with cool water to lock in moisture, seal cuticles to prevent frizz and breakage, and stimulate hair growth. Hair is in its most fragile state when it’s wet and can easily break. Treat your like fine silk and remember every hair strand counts so be gentle. Find ways to bring blood flow to your scalp as much as possible Hang off the side of your bed or couch and give yourself a nice head massage. One of my fav ways to increase blood flow to the scalp is to jump on my Bellicon rebounder. It’s a mini trampoline and it nourishes each cell with blood and is wonderful for hair growth. And well ....it’s just so much fun!

Eat a nutrient rich diet. Hair is a reflection of inner health. With the proper diet you are feeding your hair vital nutrients that help it to grow and shine naturally.

Try to minimize how much you wash your hair. Allow your natural oils to nourish your hair. Opt for 2-3xs per week.

Oily hair is often hair that is washed too often and it starts to over produce oils to keep the scalp healthy.

Try wooden or boar bristle brushes as these will stimulate your hair to grow and will distribute your hairs natural oils to your ends.

Use a silk pillow case, cotton pulls moisture from the hair (and skin) causing it to appear dull and dry. A silk pillow case also helps to reduce frizz

I have so many more tips for you but I will save them for my book! Stay tuned!

Xo Jessica Rose