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I’ve been asked a lot about what products I use on my hair because I’m a Licensed Cosmetologist, and Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I firmly believe that what we put on our bodies is important for maintaining good health and vibrant beauty. I have the 411 on natural beauty solutions and I want to share some of my favorite all-natural tips to promote long healthy hair.

My holistic hair tips: I love all-natural shampoos and conditioners free of harsh chemicals and silicones. My favorites are free from sulfates, and harsh chemicals, and preserve the hair's integrity. Air drying is excellent to prevent hair from damage.

I love heatless hairstyles. I set my hair at night and wake up to beautifully styled hair without the damage. Applying hair masks on a regular basis makes a world of difference. My favorites are organic oils such as black African castor oil, rosemary, argan oil, avocado oil, olive oil, lavender oil, and peppermint oil. Apply the oils and massage scalp while hanging off the side of the couch so blood flow goes to the head. Leave on overnight, shampoo, and wake up to silky smooth hair!

Hair rinses are wonderful for bouncy shiny hair. My favorite is boiling rosemary and using the water as a leave in conditioner. As well as an apple cider vinegar hair rinse. Use a silk pillowcase when sleeping to cut down on frizz and hair breakage. Cotton pillowcases pull moisture from the skin and hair. Use wooden and boar bristle brushes. These type of brushes are gentle on the hair and distribute your natural oils to your ends, keeping them shiny and strong. They also promotes hair growth. Cut back on how often you wash your hair.It will make a big difference in the overall appearance. Aim for 1-3x a week, depending on your hair type. I’m passionate about non toxic beauty and helping others who are interested in living a more natural life. I hope you find these tips helpful.

Xo Jessica Rose

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