I can tell you from personal experience this one was hard for me. I used to snack all the time. I always had food in my purse and would munch on it any chance I got. What I found was it caused me to have fluctuations in my mood and energy levels.

This is because every time we eat our blood sugar rises and insulin and cortisol have to do their job. This is perfectly normal, but what happens is when we do not have set times for eating and are constantly snacking it make the body go into overdrive. This constant fluctuation of blood sugar levels creates a stress response in the body and greatly impacts how you feel. It causes a great imbalance in moods and energy levels. When you constantly snack the body also do not have enough time to properly digest your food. We want our bodies to regenerate not constantly digest.

What I suggest is having 3 balanced meals and balanced snacks that keep you satiated throughout the day. Meals and snacks should be honored and seen as a way to nourish the body. Food is one of the great joys of life and should be experienced.

This means putting the phone down, turning the TV off, not driving, and focusing on enjoying your food. What changes you will experience? You will have more energy, clearer thinking, better moods, less stress, better digestion, less need to eat all the time, healthier aging, and clearer skin. You have the power to control what path your health takes.

Cheers to good health!

xoxo Jessica Rose