Food has the power to change how you feel in a positive or negative way. For instance consuming a smoothie full of fruit can have a negative impact on your mood and energy levels because it directly affects your blood sugar. Fruit has fiber and this slows the release of sugar to your body, however in the end your body recognizes sugar as sugar. Sugar from fruit, pastries, ice cream, etc. is made of fructose & glucose. Fruit is healthy but in excess amounts directly affects how you feel and think. Have you ever wondered how much sugar is in your fruit smoothie? Let’s take a typical smoothie for example:. Medium Banana=17g sugar 2 cups strawberries= 22g sugar 3 tbsp honey= 48g sugar Coconut yogurt= 5g sugar. Unsweetened Coconut milk=5g sugar =97 grams of sugar

It’s a sugar bomb!.

If you consume a smoothie containing 97g of fruit sugar you are consuming 24 tsp of sugar. Now tell me that doesn’t sound excessive?! Imagine 24 teaspoons sitting in front of you right now full of sugar. Your blood sugar rises so quickly from this smoothie that your body goes into complete stress mode. Not only does insulin have to act quickly to bring your blood sugar down as fast as possible but cortisol “stress hormone” is now high as well. You have put your body into a state of stress and all your energy is foscused on the task at hand, bringing your blood sugar down. This leaves no room for your brain to work optimally or for you to feel good. And of course what goes up must come down, your blood sugar and your mood. Now you’re starting to see the big picture of how this has a direct link to your mood. The wonderful part of keeping your blood sugar levels stable is it also keeps your mood stable. Pay attention to how the foods you consume play a role in how you feel and you will have greater success in maintaining a healthy mental attitude.


Xoxo Nutritionist Jessica Rose

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