I get a lot of questions about the correct protocol for gut issues being that I'm a Digestive Health Specialist. I would like to address some important factors to help guide you in the right direction in finding a solution.

When you have a gut issues the best way to resolve it is to IDENTIFY WHAT TYPE OF IMBALANCE YOU PERSONALLY HAVE. For example, taking a stool test and identifying what imbalance you have will give a clear map of how to proceed in resolving your gut issues.

Simply eating foods that are good for creating beneficial flora is not adequate because you could be feeding the bad bacteria that is causing your issues. Let’s take Candida for example, Candida is a certain type of yeast which can grow out of balance in your gut. If you are eating fruit, carbohydrate rich foods, starchy foods, any sugar, alcohol, ferments, etc. the issue will only get worse.

Symptoms of Candida include: depression, anxiety, brain fog, mood swings, excess stress, bloating, digestive disturbances, etc.

The stool test you need to identify imbalances and a clear map of your gut is not found at your regular doctors office. These type of stool tests can be ordered when working with a functional doctor, naturopath, nutritionist who can order testing, or using certain companies that work directly with the consumer and you can order your own testing. I personally recommend "GI MAPS" as the Gold Standard for getting a complete picture of your digestive health.

Once you identify which type of imbalance you have it can be resolved by following a protocol which includes: a strict diet, supplements to boost the immune system, herbs to kill off the bacteria, and probiotics to increase the beneficial flora.

But you see you can’t do this without knowing what issues you personally have otherwise it’s like shooting in the dark and hoping for the best. Digging deep and finding the root cause of my clients issues is what is important to achieve optimal health and wellness.

My passion in life is to help others thrive and focusing on digestive health is the key.

Xoxo Nutritionist Jessica Rose 🌹.