Did know that glycerin is in pretty much every single natural toothpaste and can harm your teeth?

About 10 years ago I started on a journey to find a solution for my porous teeth. For years I couldn’t have anything like green tea, green drinks, wine, chocolate, etc. without my teeth being stained. And I was not about to whiten my teeth with all the harsh chemicals that are in teeth whitening. But then I found some amazing research which sent me on a quest to find the truth. I started speaking with Holistic and functional Dentists to understand what was going on.

The results: GLYCERIN coats the teeth like plastic wrap blocking your teeth from re-mineralizing or maintaining the proper balance of nutrients. It requires 20 rinses just to get glycerin off. The teeth are living organs, composed mainly of calcium & phosphate. Each day your teeth lose minerals and must restore, “re-mineralize” themselves.

So what is the solution? Find a toothpaste that is glycerin free and has ingredients that will help to re-mineralize your teeth. Learning to make your own toothpaste is quite rewarding and cost effective as well.

By using glycerin free toothpaste your teeth will be able to absorb and utilize minerals from the foods you eat and won’t have to rely on teeth whiteners because your teeth will be strong and have a natural protection to fend for themselves. Also eating a wholesome diet will help to balance minerals from the inside.

And remember it will take 20 brushings to get the glycerin off your teeth. Incorporating oil pulling into your dental routine will encourage healthy teeth and gums.

Cheers to a beautiful healthy smile!

Xoxo Nutritionist Jessica Rose