Are you interested in eating foods that support healthy aging?

Eating a wide variety of colorful foods will surely put you on the road to success. Plant products (fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, legumes, and seeds) contain phytochemicals which have beneficial properties for healthy aging.

Most people consume the same foods in a rotation and are missing out on beneficial nutrients for their health. There are so many wonderful foods that await you at your local farmers market or grocery store. A great diet beats taking a bunch of supplements any day.

Include a variety of bright colors everyday to optimize your nutrition. Red: is known for its lycopene properties Orange & Deep Yellow: High in beta-carotene Dark green: lutein & zeaxanthin Green white & purple: High in sulphurous phytochemicals Eating foods with a wide variety of colors optimizes the amount of nutrients you get in your diet.

A great tip is to change the way you eat your veggies. Some nutrients are only released when cooked. For example lycopene in tomatoes is more readily available when cooked. So by varying the way you prepare your foods you can achieve greater health benefits. Eating is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Make it healthy, tasty, and fun. ​

Xoxo Nutritionist Jessica Rose