We all know that eating healthy is the path to good health. But did you know that what you cook your food in is also an important factor in leading a healthy lifestyle?

Chemicals from nonstick pans, coated pots, plastic cooking utensils, aluminum cookware, and plastic Tupperware leech tons of toxins into your food and have negative effects on your health.

Non stick cookware contains a manmade chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid which stays in the human body for a long time accumulating and in the air in your home. While aluminum cookware is highly reactive & leaches into food. It has been shown that these toxins are linked to cancer, liver damage, infertility, delays in growth development, neurotoxicity, high cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, thyroid issues, Inflammation, weakened immune system, allergies, etc.

What is the point of buying organic food and then cooking it in toxic cookware that is slowly poisoning your body? Your food is meant to nourish you and support good health not increase your toxic load. I am so passionate about this topic and wanted to shed some light on it in hopes to bring awareness to a very important factor in reducing your toxic load. I have wonderful suggestions for healthy cookware alternatives.

Great options:

Pure Ceramic cookware (not ceramic coated). Cast iron cookware (properly seasoned). Pure clay cookware. High quality stainless steel. Wooden cooking utensils (I love bamboo). Glass Tupperware (for cooking & storing food in a healthy way).

Reducing your toxic load in all areas of your life will encourage your body function optimally. Xoxo Nutritionist Jessica Rose