The trendy smoothie bowls you see glorified on social media are not as healthy as they appear. They are not a balanced meal .....It's a sugar bomb! This glorified healthy breakfast can do more harm than good and here's why:

Smoothie bowls usually contain large amounts of fruit and not enough protein or healthy fats to balance blood sugar.

When large amounts of fruit sugar are consumed at once it causes your blood sugar to rapidly rise. The pancreas has to go into overdrive to produce more insulin to balance out the amount of blood sugar that is flooding the body. When this much sugar is ingested on a regular basis the body can stop responding effectively to insulin.

Blood sugar imbalances also play a key role in our mental health. When the body gets a quick rise of glucose it can feel amazing at times but is short lived. Your blood sugar has to decrease and you will be left feeling less than wonderful. Without balanced blood sugar you open mood swings can occur and this is never for anyone.

A huge part of a healthy aging is learning to eat foods in a way that support your blood sugar. Not only will you feel good you will also look good. You will have mental clarity and more energy.

I completely understand that smoothie bowls are tasty and beautiful so I want to offer you some suggestions for healthy alternatives.

So what do I recommend?

My biggest suggestion is making sure you include all macro-nutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) in your smoothie bowls. This will help to ensure you are satiated, have balanced blood sugar, and are getting adequate nutrients.

Other recommendations include:

Add more veggies than fruit

Use low glycemic fruits (these are fruits have less carbohydrates and less of an affect on blood sugar).

Not all veggies should be raw. Blanch them very quickly to increase their nutrient values.

Add cinnamon to balance blood sugar

Add herbs and spices to increase nutrient density

Don't forget to chew! Enzymes are produced in the mouth when we chew such as amylase (carb enzyme) & lipase (fat enzyme) which begins the digestive process.

I am passionate about empowering you to eat in a mindful way that encourages good health and vibrancy. Let's start today!

Xoxo Nutritionist Jessica Rose

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