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How to Make Dairy Free Milk -Plant Based

Have you ever made your own plant based milk?

It can be quite rewarding since it is more nutritious and you have a say as to what ingredients are in you nut milk.

A lot of store bought nut milk has carrageenan which is a thickener and causes inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a root cause of many health conditions so avoiding foods that cause inflammation can be very beneficial. I like to mix things up and make a variety of plant based milks for nutrient and flavor diversity.

How to make:

1 cup raw nuts of choice (make sure to always soak them to release enzyme inhibitors. You can do this by adding nuts to a bowl, covering with water and adding 1 tsp pink salt or a splash of lemon juice)

Strain and rinse after minimum of 3 hours (Preferably 12-24 hours)

Add to a blender with 3 cups fresh filtered water

Blend for 60 seconds

Pour liquid over a cheesecloth or nut milk bag to strain into your desired airtight container

You can add sweetener or spices to customize your nut milk

Cacao powder is great for chocolate milk and dates are great for adding natural sweetness

Nut milk will last in the fridge for 3-5 days

You can make all kinds of nut milk such as pistachio, cashew, and almond, pumpkin seed, and sunflower the same way and enjoy all of their wonderful benefits.

I hope you enjoy this delicious plant-based milk and incorporate it into your healthy lifestyle.

In health,

Jessica Rose

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