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For decades we have been getting further and further away from what real food is. Food is meant to be nourishment, joy, love, and medicine. Food is not supposed to make us sick so we rely on doctors to give us pills for our ills. We are bombarded every single day with fast, easy cheap imitations of real food. The food that is supposed to make our life easier makes it more complicated as we trade convenience for good health. The great news is that each and every single day, people are becoming more aware of how these foods affect them. People are getting tired of not feeling or looking their best and are turning their back‘s on processed food that is void of nutrients and causes health issues. Every single day we can make a choice to either consume easy convenient food that is full of ingredients that affect our health in a myriad of ways or take a little extra time and prepare foods that nourish our bodies and give us life. Food can be one of the biggest forms of medicine if we let it, the choice is yours.


Jessica Rose

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