Wake up every morning with a heart full of love and passion for your life. Let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Let love in and radiate it out to the world.

A big part of healthy aging has to do with the ability to live a stress free life. This involves not suppressing or repressing feelings. Let them come up and actually feel them. Do not focus on your thoughts, solely on how you feel.

Once acknowledged you have the capacity to let go of ways of thinking that are no longer serving you and be happier. This takes time and the desire to want to live a happier life. I know deep down you do. We all do. It's about making a shift in your mental state and telling yourself that you want to let the love in.

Here I am in this photo hiking in Kauai. It was a moment of true bliss and letting go. I hope to encourage you to live your life in a peaceful and loving way that promotes healthy aging and vibrancy. You are worth it and deserve all the love and experiences that life has to offer you.

This week is the beginning of a fresh start for you.

Smile with every step.

Xo Nutritionist Jessica Rose