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We all know that eating healthy is the path to healthy aging and vibrancy. But did you know that what we cook our food in is also important?

Chemicals from nonstick pans, coated pots, plastic cooking utensils, and plastic Tupperware leech a lot of toxins into our food. Here we are trying our best to eat healthy, buy organic foods, use natural ingredients, eat mindfully and make the best decisions for our family but our cooking instruments have serious side effects.

The point of eating healthy is to increase our nutrition and and vibrancy, but sadly conventional cookware robs us of our intent. We can overcome this by choosing to cook with non toxic cookware that reduces our toxic load.

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Great non toxic cookware options:

Pure ceramic is a great non toxic cookware option that does not contain harmful chemicals such as those found in nonstick. You can find my favorite 100% pure ceramic non toxic cookware that I use for all my cooking HERE

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Pro Tip: Avoid brands that use a ceramic coating instead of being "pure ceramic" because, over time, it can chip off and end up in your food. Plus many of them are made with a base of aluminum which can also be unhealthy.

That's why I love Xtrema Cookware because they are 100% pure ceramic cookware.

Other non toxic cookware options:

  • Cast iron cookware (take care of and season properly)

  • Wooden cooking utensils (I love bamboo)

  • Glass Tupperware (for storing our healthy food in a healthy way)

Minimizing our toxic exposure by using healthy cookware will have a huge impact on our health and beauty.

Xo Jessica Rose

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