Green Beauty

The more time I spend consulting for my nutrition and safer beauty clients the clearer it becomes how misinformed women are about the ingredients in their products. Women everywhere are slathering chemicals on their face in the hopes of achieving a more youthful appearance. Seems backwards doesn’t it? I have set out to educate and empower women to take charge of their health with natural beauty products being a counterpart to their wellness journey. My experience of working in the beauty industry has given me the foundation to guide my clients towards safer beauty products that truly work. I’m here to save you the time and money trying out a million products like I did when first transitioning into healthy beauty. To help you get started here are a few quick tips:.

First start with your skincare as this is most likely used 2xs a day and can expose you to a lot of toxins.

Next swap out your foundation for a healthier alternative as this covers a large area of your skin and is easily absorbed.

SaltyGirl Beauty is my absolute favorite brand. They are the highest performing foundation I have tried. It blows every other brand out of the water. Creating a natural foundation that performs like its designer competitors is not easy and the ladies at Saltygirl hit it out of the ball park. I will be writing a blog post about all their products soon. Stay tuned. Lipstick is such an easy transition. The average woman consumes 4lbs of lipstick in their lifetime. Well then ladies it better be full of ingredients like organic fruit pigments Just sayin.... Hair care is also important. Skip the health harming chemicals, natural oil stripping sulfates, and silicone suffocating ingredients. Think of silicone's as plastic wrap for your hair (and skin) They give the appearance of healthy shiny hair but it’s an illusion and eventually creates breakage. True healthy hair doesn’t need silicone's to exude a healthy shine.

Do the best that you can with the resources you have. Any change towards a healthier beauty routine will create a positive shift in your health. To learn more click the link in my bio and head over to my beauty blog on my website.