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5 Holistic Nutrition Tips for Healthier Eating

Healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated but it should be enjoyable. There is no correct way to live a healthy lifestyle but there are a few practices that can set you up for success.

As someone who used to live a very unhealthy lifestyle fifteen years ago, I can tell you from firsthand experience that the brain fog, anxiety, and fatigue I felt daily were, not fun. I think many of us just get used to it and assume that it is normal.

After transitioning to a healthy lifestyle I finally experienced what it was like to feel great, instead of just "good." It is life-changing to wake up with energy, happiness, and a renewed zest for life.

I want that for you too! So here are my 5 holistic nutrition tips for healthier eating. I want you to feel great and enjoy living a healthy lifestyle.

Tip #1 - Practice Consistency Not Perfection

Perfectionism around food can create disordered eating. Demonizing any food or counting calories is not healthy or sustainable.

Having balance in your food choices is essential for maintaining optimal health.

A healthy option is to adopt an 80/20 rule. Try consuming healthy foods 80% of the time + 20% can be for whatever your heart desires. The 20% will not tip the scale and make you unhealthy. Worrying all the time will.

Tip #2 - Avoid Drinking While Eating

Fluids dilute stomach acid, which is necessary for breaking down food. Supporting the digestion process is not only beneficial for health but also for beauty. We can eat all the healthy food in the world, but if we are not properly digesting and absorbing the nutrients from our food, it will eventually take a toll on our health and appearance.

Wait 20 minutes after eating to drink liquids to give your body time to digest your foods. If you get thirsty, take a small sip but avoid drinking large amounts while eating.

Tip #3 - Take Deep Breaths While Eating

When the body is relaxed, it has an easier time focusing on digestion and assimilating nutrients. When we are stressed out our cortisol levels rise (stress hormone) and the last thing our body is focused on is digesting food.

Practice taking deep breathes between bites to relax the body and support your digestion.

Tip #4 - Consume Meals Without Distractions

Have you ever enjoyed a meal while scrolling on your phone and you don't even remember eating? I think most of us have. You might be surprised to know that digestion starts in the brain and when we are distracted our mind is not prepared to alert the body that food is on its way.

Put the phone down and tune into your meal.

Tip #5 - Increase healthy foods before minimizing processed foods

It is much easier to make healthy food choices when we feel good. Nutrient-dense foods provide energy, mental clarity, and an extra pep in your step which make it make it easier to stay on track. Imagine trying to do it the opposite way with intense cravings + low energy. It can be pretty rough.

Crowd out the "bad" by increasing the "good". It will make the transition to healthier eating much easier.

The road to healthier eating can be a fun one if you take your time and enjoy the journey. There is no rush and each step you take will have a positive influence on your health and appearance.

If you are ready to start your healthy eating journey I would love to help you.

I offer a 16-week nutrition and wellness course


30-day meal plans customized to your bio-individual needs.

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