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Why Authenticity Is Essential For A Healthy Life

Be uniquely you. It's good for you health. A major part of living a healthy lifestyle is learning how to honor your unique beauty. Honoring all the parts that make you who you are. The world needs your authentic light. Each one of us is different and that is beautiful. There is no correct way to look, feel, act, or be.

It took me a long time to understand that what makes me different is what makes me beautiful. It can be so easy to feel like we need to fit in to be accepted. But all that does is strip away who we really are and what makes us beautiful.

Growing up I never really fit in. I was somewhat of a “loner." I’ve always been a free spirit and appreciated others who could show up in the world authentically. I’ve made some wonderful friends that are true gems and their beauty is far more than skin deep.

When I became a teenager and started to blossom I noticed that the people who used to bully me every day all of a sudden wanted to be my friend and be nice to me because I was considered "PRETTY”. It taught me a big lesson. It showed me the depths of how superficial people can be.

Spread your wings

Society has programmed people to place more emphasis on a person's looks than the true beauty that lies inside of them. There is so much more to beauty than what meets the eye. It’s a person's soul, heart, character, and personality that really make a person beautiful. All of the rest is just a bonus.

In this world, we are constantly bombarded with imagery of what is considered beautiful or acceptable to fit in. It's all fake and doesn't allow a person's true beauty to shine through.

The world needs more free thinkers and people who aren't afraid to be themselves. True beauty is perfectly imperfect.

Do you know what I think is beautiful? People who show up in the world authentically. They stand up tall and say, "This is who I am, take it or leave it." They don't let the perceptions or expectations of others change who they are. They hold tight to their beautiful hearts and light within and share it with the world, even when it's hard to do so.

They don't conform, they shine.

My favorite people in the world have endured hardship but continue to stay true to who they are and believe in themselves. Even when society tried to paint them into a corner.

My favorite quote:

"I've never met a strong person with an easy past." -Atticus

Some of the most incredible people have endured extreme hardship and continued to hold their heads up high. They are the most beautiful souls. There is no light without darkness and honoring each part allows for transformation. So please know that whatever your story there is so much beauty that lies inside of you and your authenticity is needed in this world.

You don't need to be pretty like her or try to fit yourself into the expectations of others. You are perfect just as you are.

Whatever lights you up inside, do it! There is no correct way to be, just authentically you.

If you like getting glammed up, do it!

If you like being natural, do it!

If you like being outgoing, sing from the rooftops and do it!

If you like being quiet, find a cozy spot grab some tea and do it!

Always remember that we are constantly evolving and it's okay to change your mind at any moment. You don't owe anyone anything. This is your journey. Own it! I encourage you to honor all the parts that make you who you are and love yourself. Please, never be afraid to shine your unique beauty in the world. The world needs your authenticity!

Xo Jessica Rose

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