Non Toxic Beauty

Beauty doesn’t have to compromise your health. It can be part of a healthy lifestyle by switching to Non Toxic Beauty products that work well and comliment tghe bodys inate ability to thrive.

Today’s non toxic beauty application was under 15 min with products that are high performance. Just because you choose to use natural beauty does not mean you have to compromise on quality.

Here are the non toxic beauty products I used. Salty Girl Beauty foundation in shade Tiffany & lipstick by shade Emelia

Olga's Organics face powder in shade translucent

100 Percent Pure blush in shade Chiffon and green tea brow builder in shade soft brown

Pacifica Beauty mascara shade black I created a Non Toxic Beauty Guide for anyone looking to get into a healthier beauty routine. It includes a step by step list on how to get started, ingredients to avoid, and review of all the top performing non toxic beauty brands. You can find it HERE

Because you shouldn’t have to choose health over beauty,

you can have both.

Xo Jessica Rose