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How to Make Collagen Gummies (Anti Aging Food)

Beauty Food! Lemon Collagen Fruit Snacks. This healthy treat is anti aging! Homemade delicious fruit snacks are full of collagen, which reduces signs of aging by plumping up fine lines, smoothing the texture of the skin, improving skin elasticity, reducing cellulite and stretch marks, improving gut health, making hair healthier, promoting better sleep and helps with weight loss. They are so tasty! They’re the perfect balance of tart with a bit of sweetness from organic raw honey.

The lemon is an excellent addition because vitamin C is a vital co-factor for the production of healthy collagen in the skin. Eating healthy food that benefits your body and beauty is a win win! They are easy to make and great for everyday healthy treats.

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  • Zest 4 lemons into a medium pot. This will enhance the flavor of the lemon

  • Add 6 tablespoons grass-fed beef gelatin

  • Slowly whisk in 1/2 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice

  • Followed by 1/2 cup filtered water

  • Put on the stove on medium heat

  • Add 2 teaspoons of raw organic honey

  • Bring to a simmer on the stovetop stirring the entire time using a whisk. Once it starts to simmer, remove it from heat

Now it’s time to spoon the mixture into silicon molds. There are so many cute shapes to choose from

Place trays in the freezer for 20 min.

Remove and pop out the fruit snacks (eat one, of course ) and store them in a container in the fridge.

This is one snack you will look forward to. Your skin, hair, nails, gut, and health will thank you. Now isn't that a really simple recipe? It's so easy to make a batch and enjoy them all week.


Xo Jessica Rose

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