Detox Tea

A cup of tea for me please! Don’t mind if I do! A cold winters day is the perfect time for a warm cup of nourishing tea that encourages good health. A great way to keep your body functioning optimally is to drink tea that supports your liver. The liver has a huge job....think of it as the secretary of your body. It has over 500 jobs and is a high-performing employee. Why not help it out a little bit with some extra love and care with herbal teas that support its natural processes. One of my favorites is a blend of herbs that taste delicious and provide a nice helping hand to my loving liver. Such as: licorice root, Oregon grape root, fennel seed, orange peel, cinnamon bark, burdock root, dandelion root, ginger root, and yellow dock. You can find these ingredients online. You can also buy them in a blend from various companies labeled “liver tea.”. . By supporting your liver it will support you right back and you will notice increased energy levels, weight loss, a clear mind, clear skin, vibrant eyes, beautiful hair skin and nails, less infections, a stronger immunity, better digestion, more regularity, reduced PMS, and easier absorption of nutrients. You can enjoy liver teas for 6 weeks at a time then give your body a rest and it can be continued again after a couple weeks. Sending you and your liver love on this beautiful Sunday. . Xo Jessica Rose.