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How to Make a Smoothie Bowl for Glowing Skin LATV Network - Jessica Rose

In this episode of Get It Girl On LATV Network learn how to make a delicious beauty smoothie bowl for healthy glowing skin. Beauty foods are one of the most effective and delicious ways to encourage healthy beauty. It's skincare from within!

Jessica Rose on LATV Network - Get It Girl TV

Video Credit LATV NETWORK - Get It Girl TV

"On This Episode of LATV Network's Television Show

Get It Girl, Jessica Rose teaches us how to make a glowing skin smoothie bowl and the beauty benefits of all the delicious ingredients." - LATV Network

This smoothie bowl is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to promote healthy skin from within. The food-skin connection is often overlooked and very underrated. I always teach my nutrition clients the importance that food has on our health but also our appearance.

There is no bottle of skincare or fancy anti aging beauty cream that can compare to a healthy diet. Our appearance is a reflection of our health. Healthy hair, skin, and nails, are made from the foundation of a healthy body that is nourished with nutrient-rich foods. We are not only what we eat, but also what we absorb. In order to have healthy skin, we need to efficiently absorb the nutrients from the foods we eat.

Learning how to mindfully eat is key. It will assist your digestion and make it easier to absorb the necessary vitamins from the foods you eat.

In THIS video I describe the importance of adding your smoothies to a bowl and focusing on chewing. This mindful act can help you to slow down, enjoy, assist in better digestion, and increase nutrient absorption.

While smoothies are a great way to pack a lot of nutrition into one meal they can however be hard on our digestion if we do not chew them. The average smoothie has quite a few ingredients such as various fruits, veggies, protein powders, and more. This can be hard on our bodies when we quickly gulp down our delicious smoothie. The human body was not designed to intake that much food at once.

Can you imagine eating an apple, handfuls of berries, veggies, etc. in a matter of minutes? I certainly cannot and neither can our digestion. It puts a huge strain on the body which can cause blood sugar imbalances that can lead to acne, moodiness, fatigue, stress, and digestive issues.

This is why it is so important to prepare our bodies for the foods they are about to receive. Digestion starts in the mouth and chewing will help to produce the necessary enzymes that break down fats and carbohydrates.

If you chew your smoothie ( It can be quite strange at first) you will produce enzymes and send a signal to your body that food is on its way. This can make a major difference in the digestion and absorption of the foods you eat.

We can eat all the healthy food in the world but if we don't efficiently absorb the nutrients many of them go to waste. We definitely want all the vitamins we can get to support the health of our body and to encourage glowing skin from within.

Add some toppings to your smoothie bowl to make it easier to remember to chew.

Healthy Toppings

  • Granola

  • Spouted Nuts & Seeds

  • Fruit

  • Dried Coconut

Each time we eat is an opportunity to nourish our mind, body, and appearance. Let's choose healthy foods the majority of the time to support our health and beauty naturally. I encourage you next time you make a smoothie to pour it into a bowl and to mindfully enjoy it. Chew each bite and allow the beautiful vitamins to nourish your beauty. These little adjustments can make a world of difference in how you look and feel over time.

Cheers to good food and glowing health and beauty!

Xo Jessica Rose

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