Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes

Do you love delicious and easy to make recipes? My healthy pancakes are simple, just throw it all in the blender! ⠀

All the ingredients are healthy and tasty.

Here’s some nutrition information on a couple key ingredients: ⠀

Pastured Eggs:⠀

Wonderful source of protein⠀

Are higher in omega 3’s⠀

Vitamin A⠀

Vitamin E⠀

Vitamin D (because the chickens spend time in the sunshine)⠀

Note: Please eat your egg yolks. They are the most nutrient dense part of the egg. ⠀

They contain choline which is literally fuel for your brain ⠀

Grass Fed Butter:⠀

Grass fed butter is a healthy fat. I like to consume it regularly for an extra boost in cognition. ⠀

We live in a fat phobic society that has been misled to believe that fat is bad. The human brain is composed of 60% fat, and is needed in optimal amounts each day. When you eat your body sends a hormonal signal called, “leptin” to your brain to indicate that you are satiated. ⠀

However, if you do not eat enough fat in your meal/snack (or ignore your hunger signals for over a period of time, but that’s another topic I can get into in another post) your brain will not receive the message that you are full, hence overeating. ⠀

This is why low fat diets do not work. Your brain needs the signal from adequate fat consumption to know when it’s had enough food. Healthy fats encourage a healthy brain, healthy, mood, healthy weight, healthy hormones, and much more. Please eat healthy fats daily with each meal & snack. You will notice such a wonderful shift in your mood and health. ⠀

Studies show grass fed butter to be more nutrient dense than conventional butter due to the fact the cows roam around eating their natural diet of grass and basking in the sunshine. This creates a more nutrient dense butter. ⠀

Rich in butyric acid which studies have shown to reduce inflammation in the body ⠀

Rich in Vitamin A ⠀

Watch the video for the recipe and tutorial HERE

I hope you enjoy my healthy tips and recipes. I am here to educate and bring awareness to YOU about health and wellness, so you can have the tools to live your best life. ⠀

Have a beautiful day

Xo Jess