Healthy Beauty

Health is Beautiful. In its true essence the foundation of beauty comes from being healthy.

Our appearance reflects our health and our health is a reflection of beauty.

Being mindful of our nutrition, using natural products, and practicing gratitude are keys for our natural beauty to shine through. When we focus on increasing healthy lifestyle practices we look and feel better on a regular basis.

Nutrient dense foods have the power to raise our vibration and transform how we look and feel in our daily lives. The beautifying properties of foods often get overlooked because as women we are told to focus on topical applications. And while beauty products can enhance how we look, none of them can compare to how healthy food creates a foundation for healthy beauty. The vitamins and minerals in healthy food feed our beauty and create a gorgeous glow

When my skin starts to look a little dull I like to ask myself a few questions:

Did I drink enough water today?

Am I getting enough healthy fats?

Am I eating too much sugar?

Am I getting enough fruits & veggies?

These simple questions really get you thinking and encourage action.

It always makes me fill up a glass of water with lemon & put in a little extra effort to create a healthy meal. The smallest shifts can lead to wonderful results.

Healthy living is worth every bit of effort. Its the best way to look and feel our best on a regular basis.

Keep this in mind, the skin regenerates itself every 28 days. This means anyone can have fresh younger looking skin at any age. Be consistent and have patience. The results are worth it!

Cheers to healthy beauty!