Healthy Gut Soup

Healthy Gut Soup Soup can be so nourishing to the mind body soul, especially when it’s full of amazing ingredients that support healthy digestion. This nourishing soup will leave you felling satiated, energized, reduced bloat, and a boost in your metabolism.

Did I mention it’s simple to make?

Here's what you will need: Ingredients:

3 cups Bone broth

3 tbsp. chopped Ginger

3 tbsp. Coconut oil

1 head Broccoli with stem chopped

3 tbsp. Ground flax seed

Half bunch chopped Parsley

2 tbsp Thyme leaves

3 tbsp. Chopped garlic

1 white onion onion

Salt & pepper to taste

Sauté onions in coconut oil on medium low 4 min,add all remaining ingredients, bring to a boil, reduce to simmer, cook for 10 min.,add to blender and blend until creamy. Enjoy!

Did you know?

Coconut oil boosts your metabolism, burns fat, decreases appetite, and is especially helpful in decreasing belly fat. Ginger reduces bloating, boosts metabolism, natural appetite suppressant, improves digestion, and reduces inflammation. Bone broth heals the gut, heals digestive issues, fills you up without adding pounds, it’s full of collagen, and detoxifies the body. Flax is full of fiber which keep you feeling fuller longer, lowers cholesterol, and are rich in Omega-3’s. Broccoli is full of fiber which keep you fuller longer, and is rich in micronutrients which break down fats.

You are going to love this soup so much!


Xo Jessica Rose .