Healthy Sugar Substitutes

I have a secret......I USED TO BE A SUGAR ADDICT

I would eat bags of candy every single day and I just couldn’t get enough. It controlled my moods and I was on an emotional roller coaster daily. I didn't even realize how much it was effecting me at the time.

Sugar addiction is very common addiction that has a negative effect on ones health. Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you trying to kick the habit? Lose the weight? Feel better? Make healthier choices?

From a former sugar addict turned holistic nutritionist I can tell you it’s possible and worth the effort. You can still enjoy healthy treats that taste good and make you feel good without the added sugars.

Here are some easy to make sugar swaps:

Instead of a candy bar try energy bites.

Simply add your favorite nut butter and healthy ingredients into a food mixer and roll into bite size balls. My fav is peanut butter chocolate bites. They taste so good and give you lots of energy.

Instead of your traditional pudding which is loaded with sugar try a chia seed pudding made with healthy ingredients.

Just add milk of choice, chia seeds, cacao powder, sweetner if desired, and top with berries and nuts. It’s loaded with healthy vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, carbs, and healthy fats.

Chia seeds are very filling and provide a lot of energy.

Instead of ice cream try “nice cream”

Simply add frozen bananas to a food processor. Its that easy.

Shave some dark chocolate on top

Instead of a Popsicle try making your own with frozen fruit and Popsicle holders.

Simply take your favorite fruit and blend, blend and pour into the molds

You can also freeze such as grapes. They are like mini popsicles shooters!

Check out your local health food store. There are so many wonderful items out there.

Healthy snacking never tasted so good!

Xo Jessica Rose