Homemade Vegan Burger

Make your own healthy vegan burger. It's simple and they taste amazing! WATCH THE VIDEO FOR THE FULL RECIPE

I have found that most of the ⠀

“plant based” alternatives on the market contain no whole plant ingredients. They are highly processed, lack nutrition, and are full of additives and stabilizers.

My recipe is rich in whole plant ingredients that support a healthy immune system ⠀


Organic Shitake Mushrooms ⠀

Organic Garlic ⠀

Organic Cumin⠀

Organic Chickpeas ⠀

Organic Cashews ⠀

Organic Edamame ⠀

Watch the full video for the recipe⠀

I hope you enjoy this nutritious and delicious homemade vegan burger as much as I do.

Xo Jessica Rose