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How To Make Lemon Collagen Gummies for Glowing Skin

This healthy treat is anti-aging! Lemon collagen gummies are delicious and encourage a healthy and glowing appearance. Regularly consuming collagen can provide some amazing health and beauty benefits you don't want to miss out on.

Collagen gummies can smooth the skin, encourage stronger skin, more plump skin, improve skin texture, improve gut health, encourage hair and nail growth, support a healthy metabolism, and promote better sleep.

Pretty amazing right?

Plus, they are so tasty! They’re the perfect balance of tart with a bit of sweetness from organic raw honey. The lemon is a nice addition because vitamin C is an important co factor for the synthesis of collagen. You need adequate amounts of vitamin C in your diet in order to create collagen.

This is one tasty treat that you will look forward to! And your skin, hair, nails, gut, and health will thank you. It's so easy to make a batch and enjoy them all week. Cheers to beauty from within.

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  • Zest 4 lemons. The lemon zest will enhance the flavor of the lemon gummies and add provide an antioxidant boost.

  • Juice 1/2 cup lemon juice

  • Add 1/2 cup filtered water to the lemon juice

  • Add liquid to a medium non toxic saucepan like this one and turn on medium-low heat

  • Add lemon zest to liquid

  • Add 6 tablespoons grass-fed beef gelatin, whisk continuously

  • Add 2 teaspoons of raw organic honey

  • Once the mixture is completely mixed, pour into silicone molds

  • Place in the freezer for 20 min.

  • Remove and pop out the fruit snacks (eat one, of course ) and store them in a container in the fridge.

It is important to note that this recipe was made in non toxic cookware. I use 100% pure ceramic cookware for all of my healthy recipes.

Many conventional cookware brands on the market can be a source of daily toxin exposure and can accelerate the biological aging process. Every time we cook, we potentially increase our toxin intake, which can negatively influence our appearance. Yikes! That's not what we want when creating healthy dishes to nourish our health. Cookware made from Teflon, nonstick, aluminum, and ceramic-coated cookware can add to the body's toxic load. Nonstick cookware contains a manmade chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid, which stays in the human body for a long time accumulating in the air in your home. While aluminum cookware is highly reactive & leaches into food.

It has been shown that these toxins are linked to cancer, liver damage, infertility, delays in growth development, neurotoxicity, high cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, thyroid issues, Inflammation, weakened immune system, allergies, etc.

Learning how to reduce the number of toxins we interact with daily is critical to supporting a healthy appearance.

I love Xtrema Cookware They are a non toxic 100% pure ceramic cookware line. I have used their cookware for almost nine years. I have their pans, pots, wok, bakeware, and tea kettle. They are high quality and worth the investment.

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Xo Jessica Rose

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