Natural Beauty Secrets From The Inside Out - Feel Good Nakd Podcast

For all my fellow beauty and wellness enthusiasts, this one is for you. If you like learning how to naturally look and feel good then you are going to love this episode of the FEEL GOOD NAKD PODCAST.

I had the honor of speaking with Chardet Ryel on her amazing podcast Feel Good Nakd with Chardet to discuss some of my favorite topics holistic health and beauty.

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Podcast Epsisode Highlights

  • Why food is the real fountain of youth⁣

  • Best foods for healthier skin, hair & nails ⁣

  • Ingredients to avoid in common hair, skin, and cosmetic products (hint - fragrance is a big one)⁣

  • Questions like: is it worth taking collagen? ⁣

  • ”Beauty food” tips like why bell peppers are so good!⁣

  • The best foods to eat for healthy skin from within

  • Why over supplementing is not good for your health and appearance

  • My favorite DIY skin brightening face mask

  • and so much more!

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About Chardet Ryel

Chardét Ryel is an author, speaker, and wellness entrepreneur empowering women globally with body confidence and well-being beyond the scale. She is the host of the Feel Good Nakd podcast for women and the founder of Corpão Fitness, a Brazilian-inspired wellness brand.

Connect with Chardet

Website: HERE

Instagram: HERE

Chardet's Book:

7 Steps To Feel good Naked, Health and Body Confidence Without Dieting

Who this book is for

The 7 Steps to Feel Good Naked is for:

  • women ready to ditch diets forever

  • women tired of constant self-criticism and low self-esteem

  • busy women who struggle to make time to care for themselves

  • women who want to be healthy without the rules, numbers, and restrictions

  • anyone who wants body confidence beyond the scale

It doesn't matter if you've struggled for months, decades, or years, this book was created to help you reclaim body confidence and heal your relationship with food.

You can find the book HERE


I really hope you enjoy THIS podcast episode and it inspires you to take a beauty from within approach to your routine. Every day is a fresh new opportunity to nourish your health and beauty naturally.


Jessica Rose