Why not make your own dry shampoo? It’s cost effective, natural, reduces your toxic load, and is incredibly easy.

With the rise of toxins in beauty products it’s wonderful to reduce your toxic load by making your own products.

It’s a wonderful idea to reduce the amount of ingredients in your beauty routine, even if they are natural.

The epidermis has Langerhan cells that act as immune surveillance. They constantly scan for foreign substances. It is a protection measure to keep you safe. When a lot of ingredients are used in your beauty routine the Langerhan cells have to work harder to keep you safe. This still happens even id the ingredients are natural.

Please give your body a rest and reduce the amount of ingredients you use daily. Your immune system will thank you.

Watch the video for the EASY Recipe —>

I like organic cornstarch but you can also use arrow root

Adding lavender helps promote health hair growth and it smells divine

Adding cacao gives the all natural dry shampoo a bit of color so it does not leave your hair looking ashy.

If you have darker hair add more cacao and you will notice it blends right in.

If have naturally dirty blonde hair like me only add a small amount

If you have really blonde hair don’t add any cacao.

If you have red hair or a reddish tint to your hair add some cinnamon. It with help to add a bit of balance to your shade so it’s doesn’t look chalky. It also helps to stimulate hair growth.

I hope you enjoy my all natural beauty recipes and tips!

Because you shouldn’t have to choose between health or beauty, you can have both

Xo Jess