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How to Make a NATURAL DIY DRY SHAMPOO (Easy Recipe)

Why not make your own dry shampoo? It’s cost-effective, natural, reduces toxic load, and is incredibly easy. With the rise of toxins in beauty products it’s wonderful to minimize your exposure to toxins.

Watch the video for the recipe


  • I like organic cornstarch but you can also use arrow root.

  • Adding lavender helps promote healthy hair growth and it smells divine.

  • Adding cacao gives the all-natural dry shampoo a bit of color so it does not leave your hair looking ashy.

  • If you have darker hair add more cacao and you will notice it blends right in.

  • If have naturally dirty blonde hair like me only add a small amount.

  • If you have very blonde hair do not add any cacao.

  • If you have red hair or a reddish tint to your hair add some cinnamon to add a bit of balance to your shade so it doesn’t look chalky. It also helps to stimulate hair growth.

I hope you enjoy my all-natural beauty recipes and tips and recipes. Remember, you shouldn’t have to choose between health and beauty, you can have both


Jessica Rose

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