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Natural Ingredients To Avoid Using On Your Face

Not all natural ingredients belong on your face and in some cases can cause damage. First off let me preface this by saying I am 100% behind DIY and natural beauty as it's a big part of my routine and what I teach my clients. You can find me regularly creating my own DIY skin, hair, and body products and I encourage others to do the same. It's an incredible way to support our health and beauty naturally while customizing products to meet our individual needs.

It empowers women and boosts confidence when they are in control of the ingredients they allow on and in their bodies. It also builds a deeper understanding of the health and beauty connection.

With that being said it is incredibly important to research any ingredient before applying it to the delicate skin on your face.

A major factor for maintaining healthy skin is to protect its integrity.

It's about using ingredients that are gentle enough to nourish the skin while not causing harm.

Some seemingly harmless natural ingredients that are quite popular in DIY beauty can cause

  • Micro tears that weaken collagen

  • Throw off the balance of the skin leaving it vulnerable to bacteria that can result in acne.

  • Irritation

Some ingredients may offer quick results but do not support the longevity of the skin. I always teach my natural beauty clients that it is far better to use gentle ingredients that support the health of the skin than it is to succumb to quick fixes that can cause damage.

Top natural beauty ingredients I suggest avoiding:

Too many essential oils

While essential oils are a great way to support our health, wellness, and natural beauty they should be used in moderation. Those with sensitive skin may want to avoid them all together or at least use them in minimal amounts in their skincare routine.

One of the top complaints I hear from women about natural beauty products is that they contain too many essential oils. I agree and really don't understand why so many natural beauty brands feel the need to add so many of them to their products. Don't get me wrong, they can be wonderful, but less is always more in my opinion.

A lot of brands think that adding a lot of ingredients to their products will attract more consumers, but for me, it's a turnoff. I look for products with minimal ingredients that are well formulated and sourced with integrity.

Abrasive Scrubs

Our facial skin is delicate and does not enjoy being scratched with harsh ingredients. Those scrubs with ground-up nut shells like walnut and apricot, sugar, and coffee grounds can be quite aggressive for your beautiful face.

They are uneven and can have sharp edges that can cause micro-tears in the skin that damage collagen. When our collagen is damaged it can result in sagging and a less volume in the face resulting in a less youthful appearance.

Avoid these ingredients in your facials to protect your skin. They are also found in many products on the shelves so make to read your ingredient labels. Don't worry these scrubs are perfectly fine for the skin on the body so just transition those ingredients into your natural body care routine. You can find my DIY coffee body scrub HERE

Baking Soda

I see baking soda being used a lot in DIY beauty recipes and it can be really irritating and damaging to the skin. Protecting the skin's delicate balance is key for supporting anti aging. When you mess with the skins acid mantel you can leave yourself vulnerable to opportunistic bacteria that can cause acne and skin irritation. Not to mention age your skin faster!

Just say no to baking soda, pretty please!

Lemon Juice

This is one ingredient that seems to be quite popular in DIY beauty for it's ability to lighten and brighten the skin. But at what cost to your beautiful face?

Let me tell you, lemon juice does not belong anywhere near your face. It can cause serious irritation, burns, and even damage. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade don't apply them to your face.

Warming Spices

Cinnamon spice and everything nice, but is it really? Not for your face. These wonderful culinary ingredients are perfect for food recipes but don't really belong on your face. They can cause irritation and burns so leave them out of your DIY facials.

Ingredients That Irritate Your Skin

Your skin is unique and beautiful. Always listen to your skin as it is a big indicator of your health and what ingredients work well for you personally. If you notice irritation, redness, excessive dryness, excess oil production, or any imbalances it's important to discontinue using those ingredients.

A little advice

While natural ingredients are amazing and I will forever use them in my beauty routine, it is incredibly important to understand the basics of chemistry and formulation to avoid harming your skin.

Pinterest should not be your one stop shop for DIY beauty recipes. Please do your research. The majority of the people sharing those recipes do not have formal training in skincare formulation. While they may have the best intentions it is always important to do your own research and evaluate what works best for your skin. You only get one face.

The world of natural DIY beauty is beautiful and can be so much fun. I want to encourage you to try making your own products. Just please be careful and always do your research first. When in doubt keep it simple.

Sending you lots of love on your natural beauty journey.


Jessica Rose

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