Non Toxic Beauty Myths

Trying to navigate the confusing topic of non toxic beauty can be quite overwhelming and leaves many of us wanting to throw our hands in the air and say, Forget it!"

Don't worry, I have been there. It seems like yesterday that I started on my healthier beauty journey

(actually 8 years ago) and I remember how much conflicting information there was and how much it overwhelmed me.

All the fear mongering can be a reason to just want to run and hide. Am I right?

Don't worry, I want to present you with some facts to make things a little clearer and hopefully alleviate some of the stress around switching to non toxic products.

Before we begin I want you to know there is no such thing as, "non toxic living."

It is impossible to avoid all toxins and to be a perfect person. Plus how boring would that be? Yikes!

The key is to do your research so you feel confident in making healthier choices that feel good to you.

Stressing over being perfect is unhealthy in itself.

I like to use the term, "non toxic living," but it is just a buzz word to identify a topic.

With that being said let's take a look at some facts so you can feel informed going forward.

I created slides to make it more fun!

Myth 1

Let's face it, chemicals are all around us and not all of them are bad. The air we breathe, the food we eat is all made of chemicals because its all made of matter. #Science101.

That delicious organic apple you love is made of chemicals. It's important that we stop demonizing chemicals and pay attention to the facts. Some chemicals are harmful and can compromise our health when used regularly so let's try to minimize the unhealthy ones as much as possible while not stressing.

You can check out my non toxic beauty guide HERE to learn the top ingredients to avoid in your beauty products and why.

Myth 2

This myth is spread all over the internet and is just plain fear mongering. From a scientific perspective their is absolutely no way to estimate how much or how fast a product can enter your blood stream.

The truth is that not all ingredients can be absorbed. There is a major difference in an ingredient being penetrated and one that is absorbed. If everything that came into contact with our skin was absorbed into our blood stream it would be very dangerous.

Our skin acts as a barrier to protect us and not all ingredients have the ability to be absorbed. They can add to our body's toxic load which is where health issues can arise overtime so it is important to use healthy ingredients.

The point is to use healthy products as much as possible to avoid toxic load.

Please don't live in fear because that is unhealthy.

Myth 3

Preservatives are necessary for a lot of products to help protect us from bacteria that can be harmful to our health and beauty.

Products especially those containing water need preservatives because without it we can get sick. Some products that do not contain water can be fine without preservatives so don't worry if you don't see them in pure oil based products.

It all boils down to the type and quality of ingredients and some preservatives can be harmful when used regularly so it is important to do your research. The ones listed above are good ones to stay away from.

Myth 4

It's easy to get confused by this one and assume it's a healthier option because "vegan" is such a buzz word in the health space. Vegan beauty means it does not have any ingredients derived from animals. It still can contain a lot of harmful toxins so it's important to read labels.

Myth 5

This is a common misconception that prevents women from trying more natural based beauty products. I used to think this way too.

I worked in beauty salons and had all my favorite high end products that I would have never thought of leaving behind. When I found out how unhealthy many of the products I was using were I started researching like crazy.

It took me years to fully switch over to natural beauty products because I wasn't willing to settle for products that did not work well.

8 years ago many of the products were less than desirable. I did not enjoy all the patchouli and crazy amounts of essential oils that irritated my skin.

Don't even get me started on the natural beauty foundations 8 years ago. YIKES! I felt frustrated but I kept trying until I found brands and products that actually worked better than the toxic ones I once loved. I don't miss them, not one bit.

Products with healthy ingredients can feed the skin beneficial nutrients that encourage healthier more luminous skin while toxins can actually speed up the biological aging process.

All the products with health harming ingredients claiming to be, "anti aging," are just plain nonsense.

How can slathering our face with toxins support anti aging?

Simple answer they don't.

While they may provide quick results they can actually add to our body's toxic load and speed up aging. No thank you! Hard pass for me!

A lot of natural based products contain ingredients the skin can recognize and utilize. It's all about protecting the integrity of the skin instead of doing harsh procedures and using products that can negatively influence our health.

Some of my favorite non toxic beauty