Rose and Spirilina Beauty Smoothie

Rose & Spirilina Beauty Smoothie

As far back as the ancient times rose water has been used in natural beauty practices to enhance ones inner glow. It’s health promoting benefits have made it quite popular to add to food and beauty regimes. Rose water contains vitamins A,C,E,and B and is full of antioxidants which reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The anti inflammatory properties aid in decreasing tummy bloat and improving digestion. Rose water is also a mood enhancer which helps you shine your natural beauty by decreasing stress levels.

As many of you know I love everything Rose (especially because it’s part of my name) I can’t get enough of it! I use it everyday in my food and beauty practices. I make my own skin care, body care, and hair care and I use rose water and nectar because it’s the most healing and beautifying gift from Mother Nature. I like to use @drinkpurerose as they are organic and high vibrational.

To make the smoothie simply add:

1 cup almond milk 1/4 cup rose nectar 1tsp spirilina 1tsp chia seeds 1 banana half cucumber

Enjoy & let your beauty shine from within!

Xoxo Jessica Rose