Self Care Everyday

Happy Self Care Everyday!

Self care comes in many different forms. Doing what makes you the happiest is an act of self love and a sure fire way to ease stress, tension, boost your mood, and health. When you take the time to do what makes you happy ...big or small it sends a message to yourself that you are important and loved. It’s like giving yourself a big hug. Studies show people who practice self care on a regular basis are less likely to have stress related illness.

So let’s do what we can with what we have. If that means a face mask, watching a funny movie, taking a bubble bath, sitting under a tree in the park with your kiddos or taking a walk.....find the time. You are worth it. Making organic skin and body care is high on my list for ways to practice self care. It brings me a great sense of calm and connection.

Cheers to doing what makes you happy and health!