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The Beauty Benefits of Tea and a Non Toxic Teakettle

A lovely cup of tea can encourage better health and vibrant beauty when consumed regularly. However, most conventional teakettles on the market can leech toxins into the water and accelerate aging and poor health. Quality matters.

Can I get a cup of tea, please? Hold the toxins, thanks.

I am a big fan of how beneficial tea is at supporting health and wellness and most are jam-packed with nutrient properties that can encourage radiant skin, healthy hair, reduce stress, and support overall better health.

With that being said the way we prepare our tea is just as important as the tea itself.

Many people simply boil their water and brew their tea without realizing they are destroying the health and beauty benefits of their delightful drink. Each tea requires a different water temperature or a large majority of the benefits can be ruined.

I don't know about you, but I like to get all the benefits from my tea. It's essential that we prepare it correctly.

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It is also important to use a non toxic teakettle. The majority of teakettles are made with toxic materials that leech into the water and can accelerate the biological aging process and harm our health.

What we prepare our food in is just as important as the food we consume.

For all of my healthy cooking and tea preparations, I use Xtrema Ceramic Cookware

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To learn more about:

  • Non toxic cookware

  • The exact temperature needed to prepare your tea properly

  • How to avoid toxins in your tea

  • The best tea to drink for healthy skin, hair, and nails

  • How to encourage better health and vibrant beauty

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I really hope you enjoy the article and learn something new to support your health and wellness.

Remember, it is our daily practices that can have the greatest influence on our health and appearance. Toxins are the number one factor that can accelerate the biological aging process. Learning how to reduce the number we interact with daily is a critical part of supporting our health and appearance.

Switching to non toxic cookware is a great place to start.

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