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I recently had the honor of being a return guest on Total Wellness Radio and interviewed by Board Certified Naturopath Dan Young.

Total Wellness Radio interviews Natural Health and Wellness Practitioners from around the World. Their focus brings hope and awareness to listeners, explains the potency and efficacy of natural approaches to chronic illness and puts them in touch with leading Natural Health Practitioners making this happen.

If you love health and wellness then you are going to love listening to Total Wellness Radio. Each episode covers a wide range of wellness-related topics to help you feel empowered and healthy at every stage in life.

Total Wellness Radio

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E346 Jessica Rose, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

5 Takeaways from the episode:

#1 - Reading food ingredient labels is essential to support optimal wellness. Just because a product is on the shelves does not mean it's healthy. Buzz words like, "natural", "organic" and "vegan" do not mean a food is healthy. We must turn the products over and read the label. Ingredients never lie.

#2 - Conventional beauty products can be a significant source of toxin exposure. With health conditions, rising women should be mindful of the ingredients in their daily products. A lot of conventional beauty products contain hormone-mimicking ingredients which can contribute to many health-related disorders.

#3 - Health is our greatest wealth. Learning how to practice healthy daily habits is essential, now more than ever.

#4 - Health education is essential for optimal wellness. We can't protect our health if we don't learn new healthy daily practices.

#5 - Root cause wellness is essential. A lot of the bandaid approaches suggested by doctors are not getting people better. It is preventing them from achieving optimal health and keeps them as lifelong patients.

About Dan Young, BCN, CNC

  • Dan is a Board Certified Naturopath

  • Owner of Country Doctor Nutritional Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming

  • Author of "Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System."

  • Host of Total Wellness Radio

To learn more about Dan and the services he offers at his clinic click HERE

Cheers to great health, naturally!