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What is Holistic Beauty?

What is holistic beauty? In its true essence, the foundation of beauty comes from being healthy. Holistic beauty is a lifestyle practice that incorporates a whole-body approach. What we eat is just as important as what we put on our skin, they are intertwined. Our appearance reflects our health and our health is a reflection of beauty.

Being healthy starts with having proper nutrition, using products that align with our skin's natural ability to thrive, decreasing the number of toxins in our daily routine, reducing stress, and maintaining a positive outlook. When you take a holistic approach to beauty, food, and natural products encourage healthy aging. Products with non toxic ingredients feed the skin vitamins instead of harmful chemicals.

Nutrition and beauty go hand-in-hand, which is why I have integrated my cosmetology license and passion for holistic beauty into my practice to educate my others on whole body health. I look at all areas that may be preventing people from achieving optimal health and vibrant beauty.

Most of us in the green beauty world are well aware of the serious health implications of ingredients in mainstream beauty products. However, a large majority of women are not and they are affected daily.

It is my passion to educate women so they can meet their health goals. Knowledge is power! Women everywhere deserve to have bright eyes and gorgeous glowing skin. It is my pleasure to provide you with holistic beauty and wellness tips.

Xo Jessica Rose

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