Why Self Love Is Important

Loving yourself is one of the greatest revelations and can completely transform your life. We all have pain we keep hidden from the world. But what we can’t do is hide it from ourselves. Keeping feelings and pain hidden deep inside does not make it go away it only makes it worse and encourages disease. Your subconscious mind is no dummy. You can lie to others but you cannot lie to yourself. In my practice I have found that my clients who are not willing to face their emotional pain are less apt to heal from their health issues. So many people are afraid to let go of their pain because so much of their identity is centered around it. . Here are some tips to start the practice of self love. 💗 Live authentically. Honor your true self, the one you may be hiding. Who are you really? Are you hiding who you really are and keeping up a facade. This can be so easy on social media to look or act a certain way. However at the end of the day if you are not being true to who you are, you are giving yourself an important message that you are not enough. So many people take on characters on social media and their confidence is being diminished in this act. Be you ...you are enough I promise you. You go to bed with yourself and wake up with yourself. You have to face yourself each and every day and if the person staring back at you is not someone you love you are missing out on the treasures in life that come with being authentic. 💗Get in touch with your feelings. Learn to understand them and feel them. Do not block them as they arise simply let yourself feel them, understand them, understand YOU. 💗Practice self care everyday. This can be something as simple as plating your food in a beautiful way, taking your time massaging in your body oil and connecting with yourself. 💗Make peace with your past. This one is big. Let go of things that no longer serve you so you can make room in your heart for things that do. 💗Set boundaries. Learn how to say no to anything that does not serve you. 💗Live intentionally. You will love yourself more when you live with purpose. . I wish you all so much love now and always