Why Sunshine is Good For Your Health & Beauty

I want to bring up the topic of Vitamin D and it’s role in your health.⠀Are you getting enough sunshine to support your wellness? Are you letting the sun shine on your skin without sunscreen so your body can absorb the Vitamin D? ⠀

Now more than ever we need this important hormone to help regulate our immune response. Low levels of vitamin D are correlated with low immunity. The human body is meant to absorb vitamin D via the skin. Taking it in supplement form is okay, not great. Real sun is better. ⠀

If you are worried about your skin you might be surprised to know that this happy hormone actually encourages youthful skin by encouraging your body to function optimally.

I’m 36 years old with fair skin and the sun actually encourages a more youthful appearance. It’s simple, just don’t let your skin bake in the sun and you will be fine. ⠀

I know people always suggest covering your body from head to toe to with sunscreen to “protect your skin” but how do you expect your body to absorb Vitamin D? This is one of the reasons so many people are deficient and have health issues.⠀

I suggest getting 15-20 min a day with no sunscreen and minimal clothing so your body can actually absorb it. Then apply your sunscreen.⠀

If you knew how important Vitamin D is for your health I really think you would spend more time in the sun. I urge you to do your research and please don’t fear the sun.

Your health depends on it. ⠀

Xo Jessica Rose