WomanBeeWell Magazine

I was recently featured in the March/April edition of WomanBeeWell Magazine for the “Strong Woman Spotlight.”

I am beyond honored. It’s been a very long road to get to where I am now. I never take one moment of it for granted. Learn more about my story in the magazine feature HERE

My dream of helping women live healthier lives is what keeps me going every day. My greatest passion is teaching women how to eat for health, reducing their exposure to toxins, and naturally looking and feeling their best at every stage in life.

Every woman deserves to have good health and to feel beautiful both inside and out.

A big thank you to Belinda from WomanBeeWell Magazine.

She works so hard to empower and educate women. She is a true gem and her magazine is changing lives!

About Belinda, Founder of WomanBeeWell Magazine

Belinda is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist paving the way in the health and wellness field teaching women how to become their healthiest selves naturally.

"I created WomanBeeWell, a community, magazine, and transformative course library that is dedicated to helping women discover and honor their own unique versions of wellness. It is my vehicle to share the healing power of nutrition, mindset, and movement with women, especially busy women that are ready for life-changing and long-lasting transformation."

Here at WomanBeeWell, our mantra is, "Wellness looks different for every woman."

We don't promote restrictive diet fads, unhealthy ways to drop 20lbs in 5 days, or how to get a 6-pack (which is ridiculous!) Wellness is much deeper than that.

In the pages of WomanBeeWell Magazine, you will find a judgment-free, empathetic, and holistic approach to wellness. Think the gut health's role in whole-body health, accessible plant-powered nutrition, joyful movement, empowered mindset, and healing methods such as the power of gratitude, heart-brain coherence, dance, essential oils, yoni steaming... the list goes on and on!

Absolutely amazing and so inspiring!

You can find Belinda at here website HERE

WomanBeeWell Magazine HERE

Remember, healthy is not a size. It is a lifestyle. The goal is to feel like the best versions of yourself at every stage in life and to thrive!

Cheers to good health!