Hi, my name is Jessica Rose, I'm a Holistic Nutritionist, Published Writer, Lecturer, Licensed Cosmetologist. and Natural Beauty Expert.


I am 37 years old and in the best health of my life since taking a holistic approach to my health and wellness.

Until 10 years ago I didn't have a clue about health. I ate what I wanted and didn't think twice about it. I consumed processed foods, a lot of sugar and used conventional beauty products. I appeared healthy and fit on the outside but inside I was unhealthy from an increase of toxins from my food choices and beauty products. In my mid 20's I started working for health food stores and was introduced to a whole new way of life I didn't know was possible. I knew deep down I needed to make the necessary changes so I could live a healthier more fufilling life.


I decided to educate myself on nutrition and natural beauty, and nontoxic living. I read every health and wellness book I could get my hands on. A spark lit inside me. I knew there were other people who were misinformed like myself and could have a better quality of life with the right knowledge.


I decided to first dig deeper into my own health to understand what it would take to re-tune the human body after years of processed foods and toxins from working in beauty salons as a licensed cosmetologist.


I discovered that I had developed Candida and Leaky Gut which was a huge factor in the anxiety and brain fog I was experiencing.


 "All disease begins in the gut" -Hippocrates  


Healing my gut imbalance took a lot of learning, lifestyle changes, and commitment. I am so happy I made the switch to a healthy lifestyle as it has provided me with a new outlook on life and the mental clarity to follow my dream to become a Holistic Nutritionist and Natural Beauty Expert. I graduated with honors at the top of my class.

I have since combined my two passions of wellness and natural beauty into my practice to help empower women to take charge of their health and beauty naturally. I know the ins and outs of the beauty industry and let's just say it isn't pretty. I have done extensive training and research to find non toxic solutions to everyday beauty and lifestyle products

 What we eat is only one aspect of health and what we put on our skin, "our largest organ" is equally important.


Mainstream beauty products can contain toxins that can have a negative affect on our health. An excess of toxins is counteractive to getting well.

I am commitmented to teaching my clients how to decrease their toxic exposure and eat for health and beauty so they can look and feel their best.

My mission is to teach women how to achieve glowing health and beauty naturally. Beauty foods one of our best defenses towards aging. Our skin is merely a reflection of our health and with the right foods we can look and feel our best.


 I teach women how to eat for beauty to achieve gorgeous hair, skin and nails.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and work with clients in person and remotely. 

I offer one on one consultations, programs, workshops, lectures, and wellness retreats

Contact me and let's get glowing!

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