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How to Make a Glowing Skin Face Mask

Hello beautiful! I want to share with you my all time favorite face mask! It is one of my favorite ways to keep my skin glowing and youthful. This mask will lighten sun spots, brighten skin, fight acne, and give your skin a healthy glow. I am so passionate about natural beauty and pay close attention to the ingredients I put on my skin. I hope you enjoy my tips and they help your beauty shine through. Turmeric is quite amazing and has so many uses, both externally and internally. It can repair cell damage, reduce acne, reduce inflammation, and even reduce pigmentation. Manuka honey reduces redness, heals congested skin, oxygenates pores to draw out bacteria, hydrates, and its antioxidants will repair skin while protecting it against oxidative and environmental damage. Manuka honey also stops enzymes called "cathepsins" from destroying collagen. Now isn't that wonderful news! Hello younger looking skin. As a fair skinned lady, I find myself prone to sun spots and sun damage. Using this mask regularly has helped me remove sun spots and keep my skin looking clear. I know you will love it too!


  • 1 table spoon of Manuka honey.

  • 1/2 tsp turmeric powder.

  • Optional: Add a few spritzes of rose water.

Pro Tip: I always apply masks to the neck. Signs of aging are the most obvious on the neck and hands. Show as much love to your neck as you do your face. Directions

  • Wear an old t-shirt as turmeric stains everything

  • Leave on the mask for 20 minutes-1 hour. I prefer a minimum of 30 min. The longer you leave it on the better it works

  • To remove the mask, rinse your face with warm water. If your skin is still yellow from the turmeric simply apply your favorite oil and massage the skin. Use a warm washcloth and wipe off the remaining turmeric

  • Follow with rose water to tone skin and to bring back to the skin's natural pH

  • Moisturize with your favorite oils or creams Enjoy your beautiful glowing skin!

Xo Jessica Rose

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