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8 Tips for Mindful Eating

Get better digestion for healthier skin, hair, and nails. How we consume our food is just as important as what we eat. Try these mindful eating tips to encourage better digestion and a healthy gut.

What is mindful eating?: It is the practice of tuning into your meal and tapping into all of your senses. It means honoring your body in a relaxed and present setting to nourish yourself.

Why Practice mindful eating?: You might have heard the saying, "You are what you eat." However, there is more truth behind the phrase, "You are what you absorb." To get the maximum amount of nutrients from the foods we eat, we must support our hardworking gut.

Better digestion/absorption = healthier hair, skin, nails, and overall health.

1.) Avoid Drinking Liquids While you Eat

Fluids dilute stomach acid, which is necessary for breaking down food. It is important that we support our bodies while we eat to maximize the health benefits.

It may seem difficult at first to remove your favorite beverage while you eat but it can make a significant difference in how you digest and absorb the nutrients from your food.

A good rule of thumb is to wait 20 minutes after you eat to drink liquids. If you get thirsty while you eat take small sips to hydrate your body but avoid drinking large amounts of liquid.

2.) Listen to your Body

It is so important to tune in and listen to the cues that our bodies send us. They are always sending us messages however, many of us have lost our connection to hearing them.

For instance, we may think we are hungry but might just need a little hydration. These two can oftentimes be confused with each other. It is important to tune in and listen to what your body really needs.

3.) Consume your Meals without Distractions

Turn off the television and put down the cell phone. Digestion starts in the brain, and when we are distracted, it can take a toll on how well we absorb the nutrients from our food.

When we are present, our mind prepares for the food it is about to receive, and its focus is on supporting the digestive process. Next time you sit down for a meal quiet your mind and tune into your meal.

4.) Prepare your Body for Food

Before you eat, show gratitude for your food and tell yourself that it will nourish your body. Take a moment and imagine that the food is going to make you healthier, happier, stronger, and provide you with more energy.

Your body believes what the brain tells it. The power of the mind is quite remarkable and if you get in the regular habit of showing gratitude for your food and practicing visualization it can be quite transformative.

5.) Chew Each Bite of Food at Least 20xs

Slow down and take your time to enjoy your meal. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to receive the message that you are full. If you are someone who eats quickly, you may end up overeating. Slow it down and tune in to your meal and allow your brain the time to catch up. A good way to slow down is by chewing your food more.

6.) Connect with your Food

Instead of viewing food as something that you have to eat to survive or something to soothe you instead, try to connect with the benefits on a much deeper level.

Food is arguably one of the greatest joys in life. It gives us energy and can be one of the best resources to look and feel our best. Try to learn more about the health and beauty benefits of the foods you consume regularly.

The chicken that you had for dinner just might have some pretty amazing health benefits that go far beyond a simple source of protein. It can also be a rich source of the amino acids tryptophan that can increase serotonin levels and make you feel happier and carrots are far more beneficial than being a good source of beta carotene to support your eyesight. They are also a great source of antioxidants, fiber, vitamin K1, and potassium to encourage more radiant skin.

When we connect with our food on a deeper level it can change our whole perspective and inspire healthier eating patterns.

A great way to learn more about food is to watch educational videos on Youtube, read articles online, and read books about the health and beauty benefits of food.

Also, try visiting a local garden or growing some of your own food. Studies show that children who spend time gardening and understand where their food comes from are more likely to enjoy eating healthier foods.

7.) Take Deep Breaths While you Eat

Get in the habit of supporting your body with the power of the breath. Taking a moment in between bites to breathe in deeply will assist in digestion and keep your body in a relaxed state.

When our bodies are relaxed they can focus on the task at hand, eating. If we get stressed out we will go into fight or flight mode and the last thing on our minds is eating and digestion. When the body is stressed it is in a state of survival and its main focus is protecting you.

So, make sure to take deep breathes while eating and enjoy the relaxing time to nourish your beautiful body.

8.) Eat Foods that Make you Feel Good

We all are different and what works for one person will not work for another. Focusing on your bio individual needs can help guide you towards the foods that work best for your body. Food should make us feel good and when you listen to what your body needs to thrive you will have so much more mental clarity, energy, and enjoyment with the meals you consume.

So, tune into yourself and your needs and ignore what your best friend or health influencer tells you to eat. Your body knows best.

Remember that food is fuel for our bodies to function, and taking a few moments to support our body is kind and loving, and necessary.

Let us show our bodies some extra love and care. They work so hard for us.

Xo Jessica Rose

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