Beauty Food Breakfast Bowl

Beauty bowls and smoothies are a wonderful way to consume a great deal of nutrition. However, they can easily become sugar bombs if they are not prepared properly.

Did you know that a large amount of fruit sugar can actually detract from your beauty? Blood sugar imbalances lead to acne, skin disorders, low energy, moodiness, and poor cognitive functioning. ⠀

Here are some key factors to remember when creating a Beauty Bowl or Smoothie ⠀

Add Protein⠀

Add a grass fed whey protein, collagen powder, or a vegetarian protein powder. Keep it simple and choose one that contains one ingredient and no isolates, in its pure form is best. Almond milk and coconut milk are great additions but keep in mind they have minimal amounts of protein.

Proteins are the building blocks of the body. They essential for blood sugar balance⠀

Add Healthy Fats ⠀

Choose ingredients such as full fat coconut milk, chia seeds (make sure you let become gelatinous for at least 3-4 hours before consuming), coconut oil, sprouted nuts.

Healthy fats help to plump up the skin, aid in moisture retention, stabilize blood sugar and send a hormonal signal called leptin to your brain to indicate that you are satiated so you won’t overeat. ⠀

Carbs ⠀

Add fruits. Yes, fruits and veggies fall into the category of carbs and they are good for you. Fruit is a wonderful nutritious carb rich in vitamins and minerals that encourages beauty from within.

When possible choose low glycemic fruits like the frozen raspberries pictured. Use se high sugar fruits sparingly. ⠀

Nuts and Seeds⠀

Incorporate some healthy sprouted nuts and seeds. They will add a nice balance of protein and fats.

Add cinnamon for blood sugar support.

Keeping your blood sugar in check is extremely important for your overall health and appearance. ⠀

You will notice such a positive shift in your skin, energy and mood if you include these simple tips in your next beauty bowl or smoothie. ⠀

Pictured is my beauty food bowl containing

Chia seed pudding made with full fat coconut milk

Grass fed whey protein powder

Ceylon cinnamon

Grain free granola

Fresh fruit

A wonderful balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbs that support blood sugar balance and beauty from within.


Xo Jessica Rose

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