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How To Avoid Toxins In Tea

A beautiful cup of tea can nurture us on so many levels. It can bring a sense of calm and a moment of pause to check in with ourselves. It is such a wonderful addition to a healthy lifestyle. However, not all tea is created equal and can contribute many toxins if we are not careful.

Tea is notorious for containing pesticides, FLUORIDE, and many other health-harming toxins that can affect how we look and feel. With that being said, we shouldn't avoid it. Let's just find healthier options. Knowledge is power, and with each healthy shift, we can increase our health and well being.

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Tips to Avoid Toxins In Tea

  • Avoid paper teabags: They contain elichlorhydrin, which is a potential carcinogen. It is a chemical that keeps the paper tea bag from breaking down in hot water. Also, the majority of tea bags are whitened with chlorine unless stated otherwise. They also use glue to hold them together. These toxins can negatively impact how we look and feel.

  • Choose organic loose leaf tea: This is your healthiest option. Plus it ,can be much more cost-effective and helps the environment.

  • Avoid silk tea bags: They are made from a variety of plastics.

  • Know where your tea is sourced from: Many times teas are imported from countries that have poor air quality and water. Even if they are organic, they can still contain heavy metals.

  • Use a non toxic teakettle like this one. It important to use a non toxic teakettle because he majority of of kettles are made with toxic materials that leech into the water and can accelerate the biological aging process and harm our health.

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  • Research brands: It can be easy to read the label of a popular brand and assume they are healthy. Greenwashing is at an all-time high. As consumers, it is up to us to research the products we use regularly.

  • Always use high quality filtered water: Remember, what we do every day has the biggest effect on our health. If we regularly consume food or drink with toxins, it can negatively impact our health by adding to our toxic load.

Every small shift we make is important and can positively influence how we look and feel. Cheers to glowing health!

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