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Natural Beauty Tips for Healthy Hair from a Licensed Cosmetologist

Taking care of our hair is an act of self-care that helps us look and feel our best at each stage in life. As a licensed cosmetologist, I am passionate about teaching women how to achieve healthy hair naturally. Learning natural beauty techniques can help preserve the health of our hair with ease and increase confidence.

"Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off."

Healthy hair is a reflection of internal health and a good hair care routine. I'm going to share a few of my natural beauty techniues to help you achieve gorgeous healthy hair naturally.

You can start practicing your hair flips now!

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Shampoo your Hair Twice

Yes, you read that right. Lather, rinse, and repeat. It works!

As a licensed cosmetologist, I can tell you from firsthand experience that most people do not cleanse their hair correctly. A large majority of people will only use one application of shampoo, rinse it out, and move on to moisturizing their hair with conditioner. While harmless enough, this simple mistake can contribute to many of the hair issues we see present today.

Why should you shampoo your hair twice?

Most people use styling products on their hair, creating a coating that doesn't allow the scalp to be cleansed properly with a single application of shampoo.

The first shampoo helps to break down excess oils, products, and dirt. Let's face it most people use many hair styling products such as leave-ins, mousse, gel, and dry shampoo. All of these products mixed in with sebum (the hair's natural oil) leaves a coating on the hair that can prevent it from being cleansed properly. The first shampoo removes all of the products, it does not effectively clean the scalp.

The second shampoo cleanses the scalp. A healthy scalp is essential for hair growth and beauty. When the buildup from hair products and oil is removed the shampoo is able to create a rich lather and properly clean the scalp.

If you already use a "natural shampoo" but it doesn't lather well you might be surprised at how well it lathers if you try shampooing your hair twice.

Pro tip: Using a non toxic shampoo like this one is an excellent way to support your health and beauty naturally. A good natural shampoo will be free from harsh chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and fragrances which can contribute to health issues and inevitably influence your hair health.

As a licensed cosmetologist, these natural hair care products are the best I’ve used in clean beauty. They are high-performance without any nasty chemicals. They are very similar to the products I used in the hair salon, just without all the harmful chemicals.

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Rotate Shampoos

Don’t make the mistake of only using one shampoo in your hair care routine; instead, try rotating between two to three different types of shampoos for the best results.

Our hair can get used to the shampoos we use and require varying ingredients to maintain its health and shine. The hair needs a balance of moisture and protein to maintain health, and switching up your products is a great way to support the process.

Try this shampoo routine:

1.) Shampoo with a moisture-rich shampoo like this one

to keep hair shiny and manageable.

2.) The next time you shampoo your hair use a protein-rich shampoo or balancing shampoo like this one

3.) Continue rotating between the two each time you shampoo your hair.

4.) Use a clarifying shampoo like this one periodically to remove excess buildup. You can also try a scalp exfoliating shampoo like this one

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My Hair Journey

I went all natural with my hair ten years ago. All the harmful chemicals ruined my hair. It was broken, thin, and unhealthy after years of lightening it.

Since learning about the health issues associated with hair color and lighteners, I decided to embrace my natural hair color and kick the harmful chemicals to the curb, and I never looked back. It took a lot of effort, research, and patience for my hair to get healthy again. Since adopting a natural hair care routine I'm happy with how much healthier my hair looks. I haven't used color or lightener on my hair for ten years, and it's helped it regain its strength and beauty. I also have avoided using hot tools (blow dryers, straighteners, curling iron) for five years now. Sure, my hair doesn't look as glamorous as my days working in the salon, but it looks healthy, which equates to beauty in my eyes. I feel good knowing that I am using healthy products and caring for my hair holistically. Whole body health is beautiful.

I am passionate about teaching others to get healthy hair with effective natural beauty techniques. With a bit of patience and learning how to care for your hair naturally anyone can achieve beautiful shiny locks.

Watch this TV episode to learn more about my journey as a licensed cosmetologist and making the switch to holistic beauty.Interview with Jessica Rose - Beauty Expert on LATV Network

Skip the Silicones

Smooth and shiny hair is desirable by many people, but did you know silicones don't nourish the hair? They act as a bandaid making the hair appear smooth and shiny but do nothing to improve the hair's health. Think of silicones as plastic wrap that cover the hair to give the illusion of shine and smoothness but, overtime leaves buildup on the hair that can lead to breakage. The hair requires hydration and moisture, and silicones can prevent their absorption. It's time to kick the silicones to the curb!

Start reading your ingredient labels to identify if you're using silicones and look for products without them. Try my favorite silicone free hair care products like these ones.

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Go Heatless with your Hair Styling

Using heat tools regularly can damage the hair over time causing it to become brittle and break. Heatless styles on the other hand are an excellent way to protect the integrity of the hair while creating a style that lasts.

A great way to minimize the heat on your hair is to try heatless hairstyles. From foam rollers, flexi rods, pin curls, sock curls, you name it, there is a method to achieve gorgeous hair without heat. Besides being better for your hair, heatless styles last much longer than using hot tools. Curls can last up to a whole week.

I love the Silk Beauty Set for Hair it's perfect for getting the great results with your heatless styles and ensuring your hair stays smooth and healthy while sleeping.

My heatless hair care routine:

I wash my hair at night with a non toxic shampoo and non toxic conditioner, then I apply a leave-in smoothing product.

I allow my hair to dry until it’s ninety percent dry (it looks dry but feels cool to the touch) then I wrap my hair around a heatless hair styler like this one. It looks so cute and stylish. I even run errands while it's in my hair. It looks like a cute headband. I take down my hair in the morning and begin the brush-out process. It's really easy, and my hair always looks healthy and shiny, and the curl lasts for almost a week.

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Use a Silk Pillowcase

Sleep like a princess and wake up with smooth gorgeous hair. I highly recommend a silk pillowcase if you haven’t tried one yet. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can create friction that causes breakage, damage, frizz, and moisture loss. Silk pillowcases like this one help minimize friction and keep hair looking healthy and smooth. They are very comfortable and also help support graceful aging.

I love my silk pillowcase so much I have three of them. When traveling, I always bring mine with me to ensure my hair stays healthy and smooth. My hair is prone to frizz and using a silk pillowcase makes a significant difference.

In addition to my silk pillowcase I also use a silk scrunchi like this one which prevents my hair from getting tangled and minimizes frizz.

I love a silk heatless hair styler like this one. It works incredibly well at getting perfect waves or curls without any damage to the hair. Plus the curls last for almost a whole week!

A silk sleep cap like this one is excellent for keeping your hair smooth and healthy while you sleep. The vintage inspired look is incredibly cute too!

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Trim your Split Ends at Home

It is challenging to grow healthy hair if you are not actively trimming your split ends. Split ends that are not trimmed can travel up the hair shaft and cause breakage, resulting in shorter hair.

You don't need to see your hairdresser to trim your split ends, you can trim individual hairs at home. Regularly trimming your split ends can help reduce breakage and encourage healthy hair growth.

How to trim split ends at home

  • Purchase a good-quality pair of shears (scissors) to trim split ends.

  • Sit in a well-lit room and section your hair. Look closely at your hair to find the split ends. I like sitting in the sunshine so I can see my split ends easily. Once you locate them, trim each one just above the split. This will prevent further breakage and damage.

  • A good rule of thumb is to twist your hair to locate any split ends that may have traveled up the hair shaft and trim those.

  • Trim split often for the best results.

Use a Wooden or Boar Bristle Brush

Wood and boar bristle brushes support scalp health and minimize breakage. These natural brushes help evenly distribute the oils from the scalp to the lengths of the hair, promoting shine, smoothness, and preventing breakage. These types of brushes also stimulate the scalp to encourage healthy hair growth. It is like a massage for your scalp each time you brush your hair. How enjoyable!

Regularly Use Natural Beauty Hair Masks

Using natural beauty hair masks is a fantastic way to get gorgeous shiny tresses. Depending on the needs of your hair, you will generally want to apply a hair mask once a week or at least twice a month. Using a hydration hair mask like this one is an excellent option for providing the hair with a moisture boost. Natural hair masks are much healthier for your overall wellness and they contain nourishing ingredients that repair the hair instead of just masking the problem with harmful chemicals.

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Oil Hair Before Shampooing

Protect your tresses with oil. If you're not already oiling your hair before you shampoo, you are in for a treat. Using a natural beauty oil before shampooing helps to protect the hair from moisture loss and can increase shine. When you lather your shampoo, your hair will be protected from a thin layer of oil, keeping it healthy and gorgeous.

You don't need to apply much oil to get the benefits. Simply apply a small amount to the ends of your hair a few hours before shampooing. Leaving the oil in overnight is even better.

You can also oil the whole head, which is my personal favorite. You apply the oil from the scalp to the tip while giving your hair a massage with firm pressure. I suggest this for when you have more time. Make sure not to go overboard with the oil or you will have to shampoo your hair three times to remove all of it, which can increase dryness.

Pro tip: Experiment with different natural beauty oils to find one that works best with your hair type. Coconut oil is highly recommended in the natural beauty space, however, it does not work for everyone. It does not penetrate the cuticle for some hair types and causes moisture loss. I am one of those people, so I use grape seed oil instead, and it works incredibly well. Experiment and find an oil that works best for you.

I hope you found these natural beauty hair care tips helpful and that they encourage you to practice self-care regularly. Every effort you put into taking care of your wellness will produce beautiful results. You are worth it. Cheers.

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