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Non Toxic Beauty: Why It Is So Important LATV Network - Jessica Rose

After years of working as a Licensed Cosmetologist, I realized that the beauty industry is far from beautiful. It's quite toxic. The ingredients that make up most of the products on the shelves contain toxicants that can harm women's health when used regularly.

With a little bit of research and one might ask themselves how could such harmful ingredients be allowed in our beauty products. Aren't the products on the shelves considered safe?

That all depends on what you think is safe. Sure they will not cause immediate harm, but the long-term effects are a different story.


Read the latest article on LATV Network to learn the top ingredients to avoid in your beauty products and watch the television episode of Jessica Rose on LATV Network Get It Girl TV discussing the importance of non toxic beauty below.

Credit of LATV Network

It is estimated that the average woman applies 168 toxins daily in her beauty routine. Each of these products can add to the body's toxic load and impact our overall health and appearance.

With the rise in health conditions, we must become our own best health advocates and research the products we use daily. You might be surprised to know that an excess of toxins can accelerate the biological aging process. The products that many women use as anti aging remedies are in part creating the problem. This continuous cycle of harmful chemical use adds to the body's toxic load thus accelerating aging leaving women dependent on these very products.

A much healthier approach is to learn how to avoid certain ingredients to protect your health and appearance. Knowledge is power, and every bit of effort will help you feel empowered and confident.

Jessica Rose Discusses the importance of Non toxic Beauty on LATV Network Get It Girl TV

Television Episode: Season 7 Episode 21

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