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Non Toxic Cookware For Better Health And Beauty

non toxic cookware xtrema cookware

Did you know that toxins such as the ones found in mainstream cookware can accelerate the aging process? We can use all the anti aging creams in the world, but reducing the amount of toxins we intake daily has a greater capacity to support a healthy appearance.

Mainstream cookware such as nonstick pans, coated pots, Teflon, coated enamel that flakes off, and aluminum leech toxins into our food. Non stick cookware contains a manmade chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid which stays in the human body for a long time accumulating and in the air in your home. While aluminum cookware is highly reactive & leaches into food.

It has been shown that these toxins are linked to cancer, liver damage, infertility, delays in growth development, neurotoxicity, high cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, thyroid issues, inflammation, weakened immune system, allergies, and accelerated aging.

When our bodies accumulate too many toxins it can accelerate the aging process and wreck havoc on our health and appearance. It is an important factor to consider if we want to look and feel our best.

As a certified nutritionist, licensed cosmetologist, and holistic beauty expert, I am passionate about teaching individuals how to minimize their exposure to toxins for better health and beauty.

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If non toxic cooking interests you I have some wonderful suggestions for healthy cookware alternatives

100% Pure Ceramic Cookware (not ceramic coated)

Use the Code: JROSE to save 15%

non toxic cookware xtrema cookware

I have their pans, pots, wok, skillets, dutch oven, bakeware, and tea kettle. They are what I use at home for all my healthy recipes. They are high quality and worth the investment. Healthy Cooking for the win!

Use code: JROSE to save 15%

I have been using Xtrema 100% Ceramic Cookware for all of my healthy recipes and I'm so happy I made the switch.

When I first started my non toxic living journey I switched to organic food. I thought that was enough until I did more research and discovered the shocking truth about how the products we use daily can influence our health.

Then I made the switch to non toxic beauty products. Did you know our skin is our body's largest organ? Mainstream cosmetics can contribute a lot of toxins with each use.

As I started reducing toxins in all areas of my life I discovered non toxic cookware and its importance to our health. Looking back I wish that I made the switch to non toxic cookware first because of how important it is.

What is the point of cooking organic food in cookware that leeches toxins into it?

Toxins have a greater capacity for influencing our health when we are exposed to them on a regular basis. Cooking is something that many of us do daily and so its an important area to include in our healthy routines. I'm sure glad I made the switch! I can rest assured that my meals are healthy and nourishing.

More Options for Non Toxic Cooking

Cast iron cookware (properly seasoned)

Cast iron can be a healthy non toxic cookware option if you know how how to properly care for cast iron. You can not use soap or a Brillo pad on them. Plus you must keep them properly seasoned to be considered healthy for cooking.

High quality stainless steel.

A good non toxic cookware option. The reason it should be high quality is it can leach nickel and chromium into your food if its not. Longer cooking times or high temperature cooking can cause an increase of these toxins being leeched into meals.

Wooden cooking utensils

Everyday plastic cooking utensils can leech micro plastics into food. Try un coated bamboo non toxic options

Glass Tupperware for storing food in

This is a healthy alternative to plastic Tupperware

Parchment Paper

Instead of using aluminum foil when cooking try or simply use a glass cooking dish. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimers and other neurological disorders

Beeswax Wrap

This is a healthy alternative to plastic wrap.

Being conscious of reducing our toxic load can encourage our bodies to function optimally, improve our well-being, and support beauty from the inside out.

Cheers to healthy cooking!

In health and beauty,

Jessica Rose

author jessica rose

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