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Skin Minimalism - Why It's Good For Your Health and Beauty

We've all heard the saying that "less is more," but it's easy to throw that thinking right out the window regarding our skincare. Beauty products are often considered more effective when they have a longer ingredient list. However, that couldn't be further from the truth.

You might be surprised to know that taking a less is more approach to your skincare routine can encourage healthier skin and overall better health.

Let's unpack this.

It has become popular to have a ten step skincare routine, but at what cost to our health? With all the clever marketing, it is easy to feel like you should jump on the bandwagon.

I want to offer a different approach.

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Minimizing the number of ingredients in your beauty routine can encourage more vibrant skin. First, let's take a simplistic look at the three main layers of the skin.

Epidermis: The outer layer of skin that you can see and touch. The epidermis is the layer of skin where beauty products are applied.

Dermis: The middle layer of skin. It is a fibrous structure composed of collagen and elastin that provides strength and flexibility to the skin and connective tissue that protect the body from pain.

Hypodermis: The bottom layer of the skin is mainly composed of adipose tissue (fat cells). This layer of the skin is not affected by topical products.

Okay, now that you have a basic concept of the skin, let's discuss why using fewer ingredients in your daily routine will support better health and a more vibrant appearance.

Langerhans Cells: Langerhans cells are found in the epidermis, the top layer of skin to which beauty products are applied. They act as immune surveillance for the body. When we apply beauty products to the skin, Langerhans cells rush to the scene to scan for foreign substances to keep us safe. It does not matter whether the ingredients are healthy or not. Think of it as an octopus with tentacles that pick up foreign substances, carry them deeper into the skin, and deliver them to the lymph nodes to be eliminated.

How does this information apply to health and beauty?

Our immune system works harder when we apply products with long ingredient lists. Think of all the products your skin interacts with daily, then consider how many ingredients are in each product. That is a lot for the body to handle. It can send the body into overdrive. Less is more.

Think about it like this. If your body is hyper-focused on scanning a long list of ingredients in your beauty products, it won't have as much time to repair and rejuvenate your skin. By minimizing your ingredient load, your body will be able to spend more time focusing on anti-aging and glowing skin.

Many brands will include unnecessary ingredients in their formulations, so consumers think the product is better. As consumers, we are conditioned to see a long list of ingredients and immediately assume the product will be more beneficial than one with fewer ingredients.

We have it backward. A good formulator/chemist can create effective beauty products without many ingredients. There is a science behind it, and with the right knowledge, only essential ingredients need to be combined to create a highly effective product.

Important Tip: When you see fewer ingredients in a skincare product, the actual ingredients are more concentrated, most of the time.

For example, if you love hyaluronic acid (I love this one) but it is the 25th ingredient on the list, you would be getting much less of it than skincare that contained fewer ingredients. Ingredient labels go in descending order.

Pro Tip: The first five ingredients on a label are what the product is mostly made of.

You can find my favorite hyaluronic acids serum HERE Use code JROSE to save 10%

It is important to keep in mind that using skincare with minimal ingredients is just as important as using non toxic products. Toxins can accelerate the biological aging process and contribute to poor health.

What is the point of using an anti aging product filled with harmful chemicals if it makes our bodies work harder, overloads the liver, and speeds up the aging process? It is counterintuitive to use beauty products with an excess of ingredients.

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How to Create a Minimalist Skincare Routine

# - 1 Read the Ingredient List

Do you need a product with a long ingredient list to be effective? No. Start swapping out your beauty products for those with a shorter ingredient list. Start by determining the ingredients that work best for your skin type and look for a non toxic skincare made with only the essentials.

This is a fantastic lightweight facial moisturizer. Aloe Glow is a lightweight facial moisturizer formulated to give you a bright, clear, and youthful complexion.

It contains powerhouse ingredients such as aloe vera gel, turmeric, frankincense, and rosehip seed CO₂ extracts, Aloe Glow is a soothing, lightweight moisturizer designed for everyday use. With daily use, Aloe Glow helps with the appearance of a brighter, smoother, and clearer complexion. It even has probiotics!! Hello, healthy skin microbiome.

I love how much this product makes my skin glow! It looks amazing under makeup too.

Aloe Glow Treat Your Self Skincare

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# - 2 Use Fewer Products

Do you need a pre-cleanse, cleanser, toner, serum, oil, moisturizer, eye cream, spot treatment, and more? Probably not. Stick to the essentials with well-formulated and effective natural beauty products, and watch your skin become happier and healthier with time.

My favorite non toxic eye cream THIS ONE is made with amazing effective ingredients you can recognize. It does an excellent job at minimizing dark circles and puffiness, moisturizing, and creating a smooth canvas for makeup.

#-3 Give your skin a break.

Pick a day to go without beauty products—even your skincare. Believe it or not, our skin self regulates and does not need skincare products every day in order to be healthy.

Going skincare free at least once a week is a great way to support your skin while minimizing the number of ingredients your body interacts with. Don't worry; you won't age overnight or get dry skin. The skin naturally produces sebum (oil) that moisturizes the skin. I always spend at least one day a week without skincare to allow my skin to balance itself. I also go makeup-free as often as possible.

# - 4 Take a beauty from within approach

Our skin is a reflection of our health. The foods we consume daily create our skin, so eating a well-balanced diet is essential for glowing skin. When you focus on the food-skin connection, you will see how much it can transform your appearance. You will be less likely to have to depend on your beauty products for a healthy glow because it will naturally shine from within.

# - 5 Try a Gua Sha - anti aging beauty tool

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Jessica Rose on Get It Girl TV LATV Network

Jessica Rose Discusses the benefits of using a Gua Sha to support natural beauty.

I really hope you enjoyed these holistic beauty tips and they inspire you to create a routine that supports your health and beauty naturally. To learn more about why non toxic beauty is essential for your health and beauty, check out

My non toxic beauty guide

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