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Why Organic Coffee Is So Important

Do you enjoy your morning cup of coffee to start the day? There is something beautiful about having a morning ritual that we look forward to and provides the energy to sustain us throughout our busy day. Coffee can have wonderful health properties such a high levels of antioxidants, however quality matters.

What if I told you that your morning cup of coffee could be contributing a great deal of toxins to your body daily. Coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed agriculture to date. This is to protect the beans from insects, and it does a great job, but at what cost to our health?

Pesticides are very unhealthy and can pose serious health complications when ingested regularly. It is our daily practices that can have the biggest effect on our health. Coffee is usually consumed every day, making it an important area to focus on to protect our health.

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My goal is to offer you healthier solutions to all your favorite food and lifestyle practices. Healthy living is about enjoying your life while looking and feeling your best. Organic coffee is a healthy alternative and can reduce our daily toxin intake.

I always recommend high-quality organic coffee because mold and mycotoxins are also found in coffee, negatively affecting our health. Mold is a growing health concern and can cause serious health conditions in many.

To ensure we are getting healthy antioxidant-rich coffee that promotes health instead of decreasing, it's important to focus on quality coffee. Organic, mold, and mycotoxin free is the healthiest solution.

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Coffee Tips

  • Use Filtered Water: This helps to avoid toxins from tap water

  • Skip Conventional Coffee Pods: They are made from micmicroplasticsd leech into the coffee.

  • Ditch Artificial Creamers: They are loaded with sugar and unhealthy ingredients.

  • Use Organic Milk: Conventional cows milk contains hormones and antibiotics.

  • Try Healthy Sweeteners: Try raw honey, coconut sugar, date sugar, maple syrup, black strap molasses, and yacon root syrup.

  • Add Cinnamon To Support a Healthy Blood Sugar Balance: Cinnamon helps to support blood sugar levels and provides an increase of antioxidants that support health and glowing skin. Ceylon cinnamon is a wonderful option because it is higher in antioxidants.

  • Avoid Drinking Coffee On An Empty Stomach: The acidity can damage the gut lining. A healthier option is to eat breakfast first or at least have a few bites of food before drinking your morning coffee.

  • Add a Healthy Fat to coffee: Adding a healthy fat such as grass fed butter is a wonderful way to have more sustainable energy throughout the day. Healthy fats help to balance blood sugar levels and support cognitive functioning. Our brains are composed of 60% fat and we need optimal amounts daily to look and feel our best. Please do not avoid fats.They are good for us.

I hope you have enjoyed this and it inspires you to try some new healthy coffee alternatives. Cheers to your morning cup of coffee. I hope it brings a smile to your face and provides you with beautiful health.

Xo Jessica Rose

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